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Happy Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin pie is required to have a healthy serving of whipped cream.

Pumpkin pie is required to have a healthy serving of whipped cream.

Just a quick little note here as we approach Thanksgiving. Thank you for supporting my little dream here either through buying my product, helping to spread the word or visiting me at one of my many anime con tables. It really does mean a lot to me that people like my art enough to purchase it and look forward to more designs.

I took a little break here after Anime Weekend Atlanta to catch up on sleep and do some work on the online shops which were a bit neglected during the height of con season. I also got some new artwork done. I’m already making lots of plans for 2014 though and starting to ramp up product creation again, so stay tuned!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving with friends and family!


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Thanksgiving Pie

Pumpkin pie is required to have a healthy serving of whipped cream.

Pumpkin pie is required to have a healthy serving of whipped cream.

Fall is probably my favorite season. I love the cooler temps and the color of the leaves. It’s a really nice break after the at times sweltering heat of summer. It also means Halloween is on it’s way which is one of my favorite holidays and Thanksgiving which means PUMPKIN PIE!!! A few years back, I bought a jack-o-lantern pumpkin intending to carve it. I never got around to it and felt bad just chucking it, so I decided to figure out how to make pie from scratch. Well, after researching on the internet and finding that those pumpkins aren’t that great for pie, I ended up having to throw it away after all. But I did go out and buy a pie pumpkin and discovered that it’s really not as hard as people say it is. And it tastes SO much better than the canned stuff and makes your place smell yummy when baking.

Anyway, I did this cute little slice of pumpkin pie and uploaded it into the Zazzle shop. It’s a redo of one of my first designs that I did for Kimchi Kawaii. As my skills improve with Illustrator, I find myself wanting to spruce up some of the old favorites. Enjoy!

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Searching for Something New?

Happy Black Friday everyone! Let the holiday shopping insanity begin! Or not. You know, when I was younger, I used to kind of savor the rush of going out among all the hustle and bustle of everyone looking for good deals and stuff. Now, the thought of the crowds (that often turn unruly) just makes me cringe. And there is no deal good enough to get me up and out in the cold before the day’s started. If the sun’s not up, neither am I!

I am sure that while the turkey induced drowsiness has worn off, the urge to move may still be in hiding. If you are looking for unique designs and a way to do all your holiday shopping in your bathrobe, why not give my shops a try? I carry my items in both Cafe Press and Zazzle. They can be accessed by going to my webpage In the shops, you’ll find various items with my Japanese kawaii inspired artwork (like the cute little pumpkin pie to the left). I also like bad puns you will probably come across a few eye rollers in there too. If kawaii isn’t your thing, there are other art styles that I work in and you can find these under the K2 section of the ┬áshops. I am constantly creating new designs. If you are on Facebook or deviantART, you can either become a fan (Kimchi Kawaii) or watch me as those two places are updated with new designs on a fairly frequent basis.

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I Gotta Feeling…

This weekend I got to hang out with my friend Anne for a kind of birthday weekend (I turn old on Tuesday). She gave me some super cute ornaments for my Christmas tree and since I couldn’t wait to hang them up, I decided to start decorating. I know that Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet, but I am just in the mood to do so. Plus, it makes me clean the apartment. What’s the use of decorating everything really nice when you have dust on the shelves and a floor in desperate need of a vacuuming?

Decorating on Thanksgiving/right after is a bit of a tradition for me. I remember as a kid how we would eat our Thanksgiving meal in the early afternoon and then I would go up to my room and pull out my small box of decorations. It consisted of putting some construction paper decor that I had made on my door and some tinsel in the windowsill with some small Christmas items in little groupings at the ends and in the middle. Now that I have my own place, decorating is a considerably longer process.

I have a small apartment, but I also have this thing about not being taller than my Christmas tree. And since I am a pretty tall girl that means for a very tall tree! Having no way to haul home a real tree each year, I have a pre-lit fake one. When the time comes around, I drag out the box and move my main room furniture around to accommodate it. I’ve gotten pretty quick at putting it together and fluffing out the branches. I also put away nearly all my normal, year round decor and replace it with Christmas stuff. Usually while all this is going on, I have my Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack playing in the background.

Now you may think I’m totally crazy, but if you think about it this way – all the cleaning and moving of heavy objects and decorating really burns some calories. That means a bit less of a caloric impact at Thanksgiving dinner, right? ­čÖé

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I figured that with Thanksgiving right around the corner, now would be a good time to post an entry with my ‘thanksgiving’ list. 2010 has seen a lot of changes in the Kimchi Kawaii shops and some of it stemmed from something that at the time seemed really bad. You may remember a while back reading about how someone had taken my art and then how I went back and added my brand name to all my designs and did a massive shop update in about 4-5 weeks. At the time, it seemed like a total hassle and I was really annoyed with myself for not having thought of putting on the name sooner – like from the get go. Well, massive overhaul/uploading of designs caught the attention of the people at Zazzle and I received some Today’s Best Awards which meant free publicity for my art. Recently, I discovered that my shop was featured in the Proseller section on the Zazzle home page. From what I can gather, shops are given this status when they reach a certain number of sales in the shop’s life time. I never thought I would get to that level!

Cafe Press has been running a large ad campaign for their site in general and they have pictures of designs on various items for sale in their marketplace. I found this out when a friend on Facebook told me he had seen my designs in an ad. Of course, my immediate thought was ‘Is it legit?’. Upon verifying that yes, it was legit I was pretty excited. Shown in the ad are my ‘Make Ramen’ and ‘Confection Affection’ designs. I’ve been seeing the ad fairly frequently now which is still just as exciting to me as the first time. Tonight when I was doing research for another design, I saw the ad again, but this time with my Christmas cookies design and the Peace dove that is in my other art style! More free publicity!

The Facebook fan page has grown to 160 fans!

I’ve learned a ton about blogging. This is not to say that I am the guru. Am still figuring out things as I go along, but am especially thankful for the ‘schedule a post’ function on WordPress. No more super late work nights spent doing blog entries!

I am thankful for deviantART. It’s been a great place to find new people who are also artists. We bounce ideas off each other, comment on each other’s art and get advice on everything from anime cons to sites for products. It has also given me a great place for more Kimchi Kawaii promo.

Despite the bad economy, I am still making sales in the shops.

People like my art enough to buy it from a complete stranger.

All in all, it’s been a pretty good year full of blessings in the land of Kimchi Kawaii!


P.S. – I know it’s currently freezing outside for those of us in the United States, but I put the happy soft ┬áserve on here ’cause that was one of the very first Kimchi Kawaii designs (back when it was Soy Happy) and I figured that would make it a good picture to put on an entry about the shops.

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Hooray for the Pumpkin Pie!

One year, I bought a pumpkin with the intent of carving it up for Halloween. For whatever reason (I suspect I was super busy sewing a last minute costume. It’s my M.O.), I didn’t get around to it and was then stuck with this big, orange gourd staring back at me. I felt bad just chucking it or letting it dissolve slowly into a pile of mush so I thought, hey, I’ll make it into a pie. I jumped on the internet to find recipes. I had wanted to make a pumpkin pie from scratch just cause for a long time. Yes, I like to do everything the hard way. Anyway, after some searching, I found out that your standard jack-o-lantern pumpkin isn’t really that good for pie after all. They tend to run more on the stringy aspect, less on the taste. So I learned about sugar pie pumpkins. I had seen them in the stores each fall and just thought that they were just cute, smaller pumpkins. They are a bit more orange and usually kind of squat or perfectly round. Like I said, cute pumpkins!

I found a recipe, bought a pumpkin and got to work. It really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I really like the way the steaming pumpkin makes the apartment smell and it’s even better when the actual pie is cooking. I took it home that year for Thanksgiving and everyone agreed that it was really good and so another holiday tradition was born. Now, every year I eagerly await the arrival of the sugar pie pumpkins at the farmers market or grocery stores. I just got one for 2010 and am planning on making the first pie of the season soon.

I needed a fall design in the shops and have yet to come up with a kawaii turkey, so I decided on a slice of pumpkin pie. And what’s pumpkin pie without a healthy dollop of whipped cream? Like Devo says, ‘you must whip it, whip it good!’

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