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Five Year Old Kimchi: Part 3 – How Art Thou?

Then and now comparison of my Soy Happy design which was one of my first designs.

Then and now comparison of my Soy Happy design which was one of my first designs. I did a v. 2.0 in 2012.

Soy Happy Together was one of the first designs I ever did for Kimchi Kawaii. Originally, it was to serve as my logo and a stand alone piece, but that all had to change when I had to change the business name from Soy Happy to the current name. Anyway, I’ve been drawing kawaii designs now for 5 years. I use Illustrator because I love the way you can scale vector pieces and not lose resolution as happens with rasterized artwork. It’s gotten to the point where I’m so familiar with it that I know the keyboard shortcuts, but can’t find the stuff in the menus, lol! And yet, I’m still learning a lot about the program.

In 2012, I decided to revisit the Soy Happy design just to have a comparison on how much I’ve improved on my Illustrator artwork. It was a really fun little experiment. I’ve since uploaded the new one to the shops and have been working on slowly phasing out the old (and I must say, rather embarrassing) design. I’m trying to hold back the perfectionist in me who wants to go back and revamp some of my other older designs that still remain popular.


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Art Throw Down!

Friday, on my deviantART site I put up a poll asking what the next Kimchi Kawaii design should be. I listed off some that I already had sketched out and just needed to be done up in Illustrator. Then, as kind of a joke, I put ‘All of them (you don’t have any plans this weekend, right?)’ and put the poll up live. Well, nearly everyone who responded said ‘all of them’. Eek! That’ll teach me 🙂

Anyway, even though it was a bit of a joke, I thought it would be fun to see if in fact I COULD get all these done so have hit the Illustrator hardcore this weekend and am busy churning out designs and uploading them to the shops. They have to at least be in my Zazzle shop so I have a link to put up in deviantART. The one in this entry is one of them, Ikura sushi (it’s the one with salmon roe which I’m not sure about eating, but it was lots of fun to draw).

Here’s the list. Crossed out ones are the ones done already.

  • Ikura sushi
  • Peanut butter and Jelly
  • Perfect Match
  • Hot Dog
  • Baby Seal
  • French Toast
  • Stacked Marshmallows
  • Peanut Butter and Jellyfish

Wonder how many I’ll actually get done by Monday?

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Bad Puns…

I love puns. If I can turn something into an eye rolling pun, I will. One of the frequent design subjects I see when looking at kawaii art is onigiri – a Japanese rice ball with seaweed wrapped around it. When looking at the name of onigiri, I instantly thought about how the opposite of ONigiri would be OFFigiri. Thus the alert and awake Nigiri and the one that’s sleeping on the job.

If I keep doing these late night blog entries, I’m gonna look more like the one on the right!

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