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Final Hours on the Kickstarter!

Hi everyone!

I’m coming up on less than 70 hours left in the Sweet Dreams Kickstarter and as of posting, I am 86% funded for the strawberry plushies. Just want to continue to express my gratitude to everyone who’s pledged and shared my project over social media. You guys are awesome!

Sweet Dreams Kickstarter is 86% funded as of posting!

Sweet Dreams Kickstarter is 86% funded as of posting!


Meanwhile, I also got in the photos of the Roary plush with the final embroidery. At this point, unless there is a miracle, Roary won’t be going to production at the close of this project. There is just too much money to raise for him and too little time. I do want to add him to my line up eventually. I’m aiming to set aside con profits over the 2015 con season and then have him for 2016.

Roary plush with final embroidery.

Roary plush with final embroidery.

If people want to see him BEFORE then, I’m going to need a ton of  social media help and pledging. I’m going to continue marketing the Kickstarter actively to the very end, but as I’m a one person business with a full time job, there is only so much I can do. If you know anyone who’s been waiting til the last minute tell them it’s coming up pretty fast! Remember, these plush will ONLY go into production with full funding!


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Sweet Dreams Kickstarter Update – 13 days left!

Sweet Dreams Plushie Kickstarter


I’m in the middle of getting inventory ready for my artist alley table at Sacanime, but wanted to post a quick update here regarding the Sweet Dreams Kickstarter.

Shortly after Otakon, I got in updated photos from the manufacturer for both the Sweet Dreams Strawberry plush AND the stretch goal, Roary my tiger mascot. They are both getting their details embroidered now.

Sweet Dreams Plush Kickstarter strawberry prototype update.

Updated image of the Sweet Dreams Strawberry plushie. Chocolate has been rounded off on the bottom. Details are paper in this picture for placement reasons and will be embroidered in the finals.

Updated prototype of the Roary tiger plush stretch goal. Details are paper for placement, but will be embroidered in the final version.

Updated prototype of the Roary tiger plush stretch goal. Details are paper for placement, but will be embroidered in the final version.

Big thank you’s to all who have pledged already and/or shared my project!

Anyway, I’ve got just under two weeks left and stand at 40% funding at the time of writing this. Remember, these will NOT go into production unless full funding is reached by September 9, 2014. I hope you’ll check out my project and consider pledging. Pledges won’t be charged until after the 9th only if the project funds.

If you can’t pledge, but still want to help out – please share the information about this Kickstarter. I’m a one person small business so there is only so much reach I have on my own.

With everyone’s help, we can make this happen!

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Why Invest in a Kickstarter Project?

Sweet Dreams Plushie Kickstarter

I am currently running my Kickstarter to fund full manufacture of my Sweet Dreams Strawberry plush. I’ve been trying to keep up with hand crafting production, but it’s been tough with the fact that I’m a business of one AND working a full time job (still dreaming and working towards doing this full time). The minimum order of manufactured plush is 500 and that adds up pretty quickly, along with overseas shipping. So that’s why I’ve turned to Kickstarter to hopefully crowd fund my project.

Promoting the Kickstarter at my table.

Promoting the Kickstarter at my table.

For those of you not familiar with Kickstarter and how it works here’s a quick run down. People post projects there that have a set funding goal and a deadline to reach full funding by (mine is Sept. 9, 2014). People can pledge to help out the project at various levels that are set by the creator, but no money exchanges hands until successful end of the campaign. Often, there are rewards offered at each level, many of them exclusives to the project to further entice pledging. If the project fully funds by the deadline, then everything goes in to production and the pledges are collected. Rewards are sent out by the creator within the time frame stated.

If funding is unsuccessful at the end, then no money exchanges hands. And sadly, this often means that the product doesn’t go into production.

I ran a project earlier this year to fund some other plush – ice cream sandwich panda bears.Funding was unsuccessful so that was the end of that as I couldn’t afford to pay for manufacture on my own. However, I got a lot of people asking where the panda bars were and when I would post them for sale both online and at my artist alley tables.

So this brings me to reason 1 why you should pledge:

Without people like you, it won’t happen!

If you really want to see these for sale in future venues, I’ll need the help either through pledging or helping to spread the word to potential pledgers to get these fully funded. Don’t assume that everyone else will take care of it! If everyone is assuming that everyone else will pledge, that means we end up with zero movement.

Reason 2: Price per item will go down!

I’ve been hand crafting the strawberries and as stated above, it’s a lot of work and time invested. I’ve been selling them for $30 to cover materials and labor. I know that can make some people wince, especially when they can get a mass produced plushie that’s larger for that same amount. If I can outsource these, I’ll be able to drop the price to $20.Sweet Dreams Plush Kickstarter. Did you know? Income from plush sales will be re-invested into new products to sell in the future!

Reason 3: It helps a small business grow!

Plushies are very popular. I mean, who doesn’t love cute plushies to hug? I’m trying to take my business to the next level and plushies can bring in the income needed for me to grow. I intend to use this Kickstarter in the purest sense of the word – to kickstart things. I just need that little boost to start the momentum. I fully intend to take profits from plush sold to reinvest in more cool products for Kimchi Kawaii.

Reason 4: There are exclusive items!

Many of the backer rewards are getting a lot of oohs and aahs. Remember, these will NOT be sold after the Kickstarter closes. So get them while you can. And some of them are only in limited quantities.

Reason 5: There is a really cool stretch goal!

Stretch goals are something that open up once the primary project is funded before time runs out. I have my tiger mascot, Roary as a stretch goal for this one, but we can’t work on him til the strawberry fully funds.

So there are my main reasons to pledge for my Kickstarter (and many of them apply to ANY Kickstarter/crowdfunding project). A lot of us are just small time, independent artists without a huge corporation backing us, but our dreams can be just as big.

If you can’t contribute financially, I hope you’ll help spread the word over social media or by word of mouth. Getting the word out is also a step along the road to a successful Kickstarter.

Let’s make the dream come true!

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Kickstarter 2.0: Sweet Dreams Plush

Sweet Dreams Kickstarter. Help fund professional manufacture of a popular Kimchi Kawaii plush original.

Kimchi Kawaii is giving this Kickstarter thing another shot. I was going to wait a little after the Panda Bar one, but momentum and interest is high for my Sweet Dreams Strawberries and I’m having trouble keeping up with production. After speaking with a fellow artist who had just completed a successful Kickstarter, I was advised to strike while the iron is hot.

My goal is to fund professional manufacture the Sweet Dreams strawberry plush. If successful, they will be made by Gann Memorials. This project will run for 35 days, ending in early September, 2014. Barring any production delays, plush should arrive and start shipping out in December and possibly arrive in time for the holidays.

I have a lot of exclusive items for backer rewards like Rickshaw messenger bags and limited edition, hand sewn, plush.

I’ve also paired up with some artist friends who are also creating exclusive items for this project’s rewards.

I hope you’ll check out the Kickstarter for more details and consider pledging and/or sharing online!

Let’s make this sweet dream come true!


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Fabric Designs – Ice Cream Dream

It’s been quiet here in Kimchi Land as I continue the never ending shop update (sing it with me, ‘Neverrrrrrr endinnnnngggg shop UP-day-et, ahh, ahh, ah, ah, ah’), but over in Frosted Fleur de Lis on deviantART I did upload my two fabric designs that are now for sale in Spoonflower. Finding cute, lolita style border prints is nearly impossible in the States cause we don’t seem to like sweet or pastel (looking through the fabric store has been so uninspiring lately). I decided to start designing my own fabric patterns. As of yet, I can’t draft my own dress patterns to sew dresses and stuff, so it’s just fabric for sale. But I figure it leaves the style totally open to all DIY lolitas and people who just like cute fabric. You can make it your own!

Ice Cream Dream was my first design, but took the longest for me to find a design that I was happy with. The first version was kinda plain and I wasn’t too happy with it so it kind of sat on the back burner a bit. I went back and tweaked it last night and now really like it.

Frosted Fleur de Lis uses my logo for the lolita branch of things. I was originally going to do it lavender and pink, but then I randomly threw in the minty/blue and really liked it. I have too many pink dresses anyway, lol!

These are only the first in many design ideas I have. They take a bit longer than my Kimchi designs so they will be coming out slowly. I also have to proof them – order a swatch – before I can post them for sale, so that slows things down a bit too.

Sadly, the fabrics are a bit pricey for a full lolita dress for me right now. It’s printed on Kona cotton, so it’s not some cheapy fabric, but lolita dresses take up so much yardage. I hope people like the fabrics and I can get some sold so that I can use the credit towards a purchase of my own! I would like to buy some and make a dress for my birthday in November, but we’ll see. I need to also start restocking inventory for 2013 anime cons that I want to go to starting in February.

I was joking with a friend last night about the artist dilemma and how it’s sad that I can’t afford to purchase my own art on stuff and then I modified the Genie quote from Aladdin: ‘PHENOMENAL ARTISTIC TALENTS! Itty bitty living budget’.

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