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Drop the Fat Beet

This veggie hits the tunes.

This veggie hits the tunes.

I’m trying to get more art back into my life here. It’s ironic how little I do considering I own a business that is based on my art. This year, I’ve done the least amount of new designs since opening. Of course, I’m also doing about 10 anime cons too in addition to my full time job, so that’s definitely impacted production. I miss doing new designs though so working on squeezing in whatever I can here and there. I’m worried that I’m going to go stale if I don’t have new stuff to offer at future cons.

This one sat around for a while before I finished it last night. I call it another case of ‘What Happens When You Listen to EDM While Doing Art’. Right now, as I type, I’m blasting Audien, my new favorite EDM artist.



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3.14 Makes Me Hungry

It’s March and that means that Pi Day is right around the corner. I never really liked math that much, but I couldn’t resist doing a pi/pie themed design for my shops. You know, maybe if they rewarded us with real pie, I would have liked it better! I actually did this design a year or so ago, but I wasn’t keeping up on my blog that much at that time.

If you want to show off your inner geek, this design is in my Zazzle shop.

For those of you not so into math, March is also National Craft Month. I did an entry on here about a crafty fox and then found out later that it would ┬áhave been more timely to wait ’til now to post that one. Oops! Let’s hear it for linking! If you’re curious, here is the Crafty Fox entry from about 2 months ago.

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Thumb Warrior

I admit, I’m a girl and I like video games. My favorites are Super Mario Bros. 3 (gotta go with the classic which I still think is the all time best Mario ever), Dance Dance Revolution, Super Mario Kart Wii and Katamari Damacy (wish they would release that series on the Wii. I think it would be awesome). I’m not so much into the hardcore violent ones. Just not my thing. When I’m playing video games its just light fun for me. Or procrastination as I avoid doing what I really should be doing – like updating shops or cleaning the apartment.

This was a design I came up with a few years ago, but didn’t get done up in Illustrator until this Christmas break. Sure it’s all fun and games for us, but did anyone ask the controller??

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