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Copic Mania Part 2

This is my second Copic marker piece. I’ve always loved Alice in Wonderland (the general story, not just the Disney versions) and thought it would be fun to do an anime style Mad Hatter. I worked on my shadows more on this one. One of the groups who declined my Chun Li submission on deviantART said that I needed to bring in more contrast. This one also served a dual purpose. In Japanese anime, there are often these pretty boys/men who are called bishounen. They are everywhere! I really want to improve my bishie (as they are called for short) skills cause I always feel that my attempts are always slightly off. So Mad Hatter was also a chance to practice my bishie skills. It’s not where I want to be, but it’s getting closer.

Someone on deviantART commented on the blue hair. I chose blue cause a) I wanted to get as far away as possible from any reference to the Johnny Depp version (not that I didn’t like it, but I didn’t want people to think I just did a Johnny characterization) and b) cause it’s one of my crazy wishes to some day have a full head of long, blue hair. I have a wedding in June that I’ll be participating in so I’m thinking that the blue hair will have to hold off til later this summer if I do finally do it 🙂


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Copic Mania!

Finally was able to purchase a set of Copic markers and that’s what I’ve been spending my spare time working with lately. I love how they are  blend-able and you really don’t see the streaks that normally happen when coloring large areas with traditional markers. It’s been  a while since I lost track of time doing a project, but I’m finding that happening when I’ve been using these. I look up and ‘holy 1am bedtime on a work night, Batman’ and then I get 5 hours of sleep. (Note to self, stay away from art table past 10pm).

This is my first piece using them. I had this totally random sketch of Chun Li from Street Fighter in my sketchbook for a while. She’s probably my all time favorite anime style character. I modified her costume to have some lolita elements in it (another thing I’m interested in). I’m guessing that this will probably horrify the purists of both Chun Li fandom and the lolita fashion, but it was just a goofy, fun piece for me to do.

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Back to Work!

I just got back from a really fun time down in Southern California and a much needed vacation. One of the things that I did down there was go to Disneyland for the Halloween Party. It was so much fun, especially since adults got to wear costumes in the park, something normally not allowed. My costume was the Queen of Hearts lolita style.

This artwork doesn’t portray the costume, but is another version of the Queen that I was working on around the same time. In the movies and the book, she’s so violent and eager to off peoples’ heads. So I thought that it would be fun to draw her as an anime style warrior queen. This was by far the most complex Illustrator piece that I’ve done and I am really happy with the way it came out. As a kid, I liked to take on drawings where I would pack in as much detail as I could. I guess I’m still doing that. I can’t wait to start on the next one like this. I think I’ll either do a companion piece to this one of the White Rabbit or another character I’ve sketched out – an anime Anubis.

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Remy Daigrepont


Originally uploaded by Kimchi-kawaii

Ok, so he’s not really kawaii. I do so many different styles of art that you can pretty much expect that this blog isn’t just going to be about kawaii art, but all my art in general.

A while ago, I was fooling myself into thinking that I could write a novel. Originally, Remy was an Old West outlaw who seemed to get in and out of trouble with his charisma and wit. This was a joint effort between a friend and me. Then, we grew apart and started finding other interests. I turned Remy into a vampire and changed his blonde hair white. I won’t go into details – the plot got so complicated and kind of ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ – and I just got overwhelmed.

I still like to draw him every now and then. This is more in the style of the anime bishonen (beautiful boy). I have yet to master that style and keep working at it, but out of all the sketches, I liked this one the most. You can tell because I bothered to color it 😉

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