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Giveaways on My Facebook Pages!

We interrupt this program to let you know that I’m running two giveaways on my FB pages to celebrate Kimchi Kawaii’s 5th birthday! So I guess this isn’t too off topic here, lol!

Anyway, Kimchi Kawaii’s giveaway has lots of fun items like prints, pins, a bag, etc.

Fleur’s giveaway, in keeping with the lolita/sweets theme has some prints and lolita accessories.

One person will win all these items: 2 prints, 2 sticker sheets, charm, pin, button, key chain and zipper pouch!

One person will win all these items: 2 prints, 2 sticker sheets, charm, pin, button, key chain and zipper pouch!

The winner will get 2 prints, a necklace, hair clips, ring, hair bow, pin and a mini fake cupcake decoration.

The winner will get 2 prints, a necklace, hair clips, ring, hair bow, pin and a mini fake cupcake decoration.


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Fabric Designs – Ice Cream Dream

It’s been quiet here in Kimchi Land as I continue the never ending shop update (sing it with me, ‘Neverrrrrrr endinnnnngggg shop UP-day-et, ahh, ahh, ah, ah, ah’), but over in Frosted Fleur de Lis on deviantART I did upload my two fabric designs that are now for sale in Spoonflower. Finding cute, lolita style border prints is nearly impossible in the States cause we don’t seem to like sweet or pastel (looking through the fabric store has been so uninspiring lately). I decided to start designing my own fabric patterns. As of yet, I can’t draft my own dress patterns to sew dresses and stuff, so it’s just fabric for sale. But I figure it leaves the style totally open to all DIY lolitas and people who just like cute fabric. You can make it your own!

Ice Cream Dream was my first design, but took the longest for me to find a design that I was happy with. The first version was kinda plain and I wasn’t too happy with it so it kind of sat on the back burner a bit. I went back and tweaked it last night and now really like it.

Frosted Fleur de Lis uses my logo for the lolita branch of things. I was originally going to do it lavender and pink, but then I randomly threw in the minty/blue and really liked it. I have too many pink dresses anyway, lol!

These are only the first in many design ideas I have. They take a bit longer than my Kimchi designs so they will be coming out slowly. I also have to proof them – order a swatch – before I can post them for sale, so that slows things down a bit too.

Sadly, the fabrics are a bit pricey for a full lolita dress for me right now. It’s printed on Kona cotton, so it’s not some cheapy fabric, but lolita dresses take up so much yardage. I hope people like the fabrics and I can get some sold so that I can use the credit towards a purchase of my own! I would like to buy some and make a dress for my birthday in November, but we’ll see. I need to also start restocking inventory for 2013 anime cons that I want to go to starting in February.

I was joking with a friend last night about the artist dilemma and how it’s sad that I can’t afford to purchase my own art on stuff and then I modified the Genie quote from Aladdin: ‘PHENOMENAL ARTISTIC TALENTS! Itty bitty living budget’.

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Fanime: The TL;DR Review

As promised, here is my long, in-depth summary of Fanime weekend, 2012. It’s gonna probably be a long account, so kudos to those who make it to the end of this post, lol!

Got up at 5:40am so my friend could drop me off at the train station at 6:30 and then took the 7:15 train out for San Jose. It’s about a 3 hour train ride. I really like it actually. It goes along the water for about half of it and some wetlands and so I always get in some impromptu bird watching. I actually saw a swan on the way home. Anyway, I really wanted to take the later train, but then realized that I had two lines to go through before I could get to my table and set up so it was the early train. Well, turns out I had like 30 minutes to set up anyway! There had been some technical issues on Day 0 and then a power outage at the convention center and so there were A LOT more people waiting to get their pre-reg badges on Friday than originally planned. My sis picked me up at 10:13 at the San Jose train station and then we unloaded, parked and waited for nearly 2.5 hours. It was like a line at Disneyland. Just when you think you are almost there, you turn a corner and find that actually, there are about 20 more very long switchbacks still to go through! I saw a lot of fellow artists with all their wares stuck in line before and behind me. Finally, we got checked in and then headed up to the AA. Since most of them were still stuck in line, AA check -in was a breeze. When the Alley opened at 2, some were still filtering in and getting set up as customers came in and out.

This was my first Friday selling, so I really had no idea what to expect. Last year, I just sold Saturday and Sunday. My sis loaded me up with survival rations and then took off for home. I decided that getting up at 5:40, riding the train for 3 hours and then waiting in lines and setting up a table was enough for one day so didn’t cosplay.

My sis helped out on Saturday. She was Pikachu with cute ears and tail made by her husband who is pretty crafty with felt, paint and glue! Saturday was definitely the busiest day for me out of all four days. My fake cupcakes were once again a huge draw. They get a lot of attention and so despite them being kind of a pain to pack due to their fragile nature and just bulky shape, I still pack them and bring them with me. I scent them and so when they are all together like at my table the whole area smells like frosting. It’s kind of funny because once people were told they were fake, they were saying ‘Wow, they look so real! I’m even imagining they smell real!’. This year, I had the deluxe ones, medium and minis. The mediums were priced at $10 and sold the best. In the end, I sold about half the cupcakes I took with me. I was actually surprised that my minis didn’t sell as well. I’ve heard from other artists at the AA who were saying that they sold more of what they didn’t think they were going to sell and their expected best sellers barely moved. Strange…

Sunday, I had my friend Anne helping me out. She was Jem from the 80’s cartoon, Jem and the Holograms and got lots of comments on her costume. She was originally afraid that no one would recognize her, but there were enough children of the 80’s there 🙂 One person did think she was Pinkie Pie though, lol! Sunday was a lot slower than I expected. I think it was due to my location. I was on the first row on the right side and it wasn’t in direct line with the front door so that meant that traffic was a lot less. When I looked behind me, the middle was a lot busier. I wish we had more control over where we are seated, but it’s pretty much luck of the draw and when you sign up.

This was the last day of con and only ran til 3. Anne was with me once again. I cosplayed as Esmeralda from Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame. Got some pretty decent sales as people made their last minute purchases. I ran a button sale in the last 30 minutes and pulled in some 11th hour income. Then, it was time to pack up and head home on the train again. I sent half my stock with Anne who drove. She’s going to repack it and ship it down to my friend’s house in Los Angeles so it will be ready for Anime Expo. Got to talk to some fellow con goers in the train station. We were all joking how we all survived for 4 days off of con vibes and Pocky. I’m pretty sure I ate the equivalent of 3 full meals in the 4 days I was down there. One thing’s for sure, am pretty tired of Subway!

So, what did I think? Well, I’ve always loved Fanime. It was the first con I ever went to and the first one I sold at, so it has a special place in my heart. I love the feel of the Artist Alley. Not to sound too much like a geek, but I really do feel at home there. It’s just so cool to be in a room with 300 other artists who also share a love for Japanese pop culture. I took my list with me of people from dA who I wanted to meet in person. I got to meet a bunch of artists from deviantART for the first time and saw some that I had met last year. Bought some things in the AA. As time goes on, I find myself buying more from the AA than the dealers’ hall. I find so much more original stuff there and I want to support my fellow artists!

I had a much better table set up this year, but I think I don’t register with the lolita community as much as my table isn’t the expected pinks and pastels that are usually associated with lolita. When you’re walking through a room with that many artists and that much visual overload, you start to look for certain things that tell you a table may or will have what you are looking for. I was tabling under Kimchi Kawaii and my colors are primarily green and blue (see my blog banner). I saw a lot of lolitas just walking by. I did get some more of them actually stopping when I was dressed in lolita on Sunday, but I don’t want to lock myself into only wearing lolita at cons. I like to cosplay too. Although, it is kind of funny that this year, I had more people ask to take my picture when I was in lolita than when I was a character. Anyway, my necklaces and hair bows didn’t sell as well as I would have liked, which was a bit of a disappointment. Maybe the loli community is already saturated or already have their favorites.

I did notice that of the things that I sold the most of, it was things with my artwork on it – like my acrylic charms and the buttons were a HUGE seller. Sold out of the pho design again despite taking double of what I took last year. Need to print a TON off for AX. So that made me feel good that people do like my art! The cake boxes did pretty well since they were useful. That was one thing that sometimes turned people away from the cupcakes – they are just decoration whereas the cake box you can store stuff inside. I’m in a bit of a pickle for AX since I sold out of a lot of charms and my supplier takes 5 weeks to turnaround an order. Last year, I didn’t sell many charms and so this year, I did an order right before Fanime once I got checks from my online shops and ordered charms without holes for rings and hair clips. ARGH! So I may take my tools with me and the cell phone straps and just start taking apart earrings if people want the designs on charms. Who knows? AX could be totally opposite and everyone could want earrings there!

I lost a few sales due to the fact that I don’t have a cell phone and credit card reader. Am going to finally get a cell so I can have the Square app for Anime Expo.

On the train ride home, I did my tallies and started making notes for AX. I’ve got 3 weekends to restock and get things ready. Am kinda scared. I heard AX is HUGE and it already took me 3 months to get ready for Fanime! Eek! Am taking these two nights off, but then it’s back to hitting it full time after my day job and all weekend, every weekend. Am setting a financial goal for sales so we’ll see if I make that one. We still don’t have table assignments for that one, but I will post my location as soon as I know! The fact that I’m on crash course for AX means that new digital art from me is still going to be on a bit of hiatus as I frantically work to restock. Hoping to get back to doing some new art though in July! So many designs and ideas! Whew, you made it to the bottom of the novel, I mean journal entry! Congrats!

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Shop Open!

Well, that only took me over a year, but I finally launched the Art Fire shop last week. Why did it take so long? Part of it was my totally anal need to follow the rules. My state makes you wade through a snow drift of paperwork to open a small business. It took a lot of patience for sure! The other part was because I had this crazy idea that I needed variety, variety, VARIETY at the outset. So I was frantically hoarding up all my crafted items so I could launch with the full line. Silly me. Anyway, you can find the shop in Art Fire.

I was finding that my crafted items tended to fall into the sweets range and also was branching out into lolita accessories. It was just not meshing well with the art style I do under the name of Kimchi Kawaii. So I created a sub-brand called Frosted Fleur de Lis by Kimchi Kawaii. I know, super long name, but for now I have to do it this way as my Art Fire shop can only have one name and I don’t want to pay for another shop on there at this time. Of course, my dream is to eventually move everything to Right now, that’s just a landing page to house all my links to stuff like Cafe Press, Zazzle and Facebook.

So what’s in the shop right now? There are a few Kimchi designs on acrylic – earrings and phone charms. I recently uploaded my polymer clay cookie necklaces. They are perfect accessories for a sweet lolita outfit. You can also find my fake cupcakes. Lots more will be coming soon!

Side note: I will also be selling at Fanime in San Jose this year (Memorial Day weekend) and Anime Expo in Los Angeles (last weekend in June) so stop by if you’re there!

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Big Girl in a Small World

A few years ago, I discovered lolita fashion. Contrary to the Western notion of lolita being sexual and related to something akin to pedophilia, lolita fashion in Japan is more about being cute and doll like. Many of the clothes draw inspiration from Victorian and Rococo styles. Anyway…brief history lesson aside, I really like it which is pretty ironic considering how much of a tomboy I was when I was growing up. Instead of playing Barbies with my sis, I was often outside ‘sword fighting’ with sticks with my brother or engaging in fierce tether ball or german dodge ball tournies with the neighborhood kids. I did NOT want to wear dresses and pink was ‘ew’. Fast forward to about the mid-2000’s when I discovered the fashion.

Many lolitas like to wear brand name and coordinate EVERY aspect of their outfits. I’ve been doing it the hard way. I can’t afford (and don’t really want to) to pay for a $300+ dress and matching accessories for that one outfit. I like to make my own dresses and have a decent collection at this point. However, there are some things I can’t make – like purses and shoes. Shoes…those have been like searching for the fountain of youth.

See, I’m Asian, but I’m much taller than most Asians and I have big feet. Trying to find shoes for a fashion style that originated in Asia has been quite an adventure. It’s already hard enough finding cute shoes for normal wear in American sizes! (Dear shoe manufacturers, Just because I have size 10 feet does not mean that I only want to wear some overly orthopedic looking clod hopper things. Please make more cute shoes for larger sizes. Thank you and that is all). I know of a few sites that lolitas use and so checked them out. They usually list in Japanese sizes and so I had to figure out what I was there. Size 26?? As if I didn’t feel sasquatch enough! Granted, it’s in centimeters, but still…26 sounds so…large! Most of the sites I found either were totally sold out of anything above American size 8 or just didn’t make anything in my size to begin with. I searched American sites that made things that were similar in style, but apparently, we don’t like wearing pastel shoes. I did find cute styles that would work, but only in black. Finally, I went back to one of the Japanese sites again and found a pair that I liked and were in my size. I really don’t like ordering shoes online cause it’s so touch and go if they will fit or not. This site also doesn’t take returns. Since it’s so rare to find the color I want in a 26, I went ahead and ordered and am now just crossing my fingers that they work. I’ll post pictures when they come.

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Coming Back!

Well, after abandoning this blog for nearly a year, I’ve decided to give it another try here and do some things differently. Originally, I was going to use this blog to just talk about my designs and after a while, I was really running out of things to say. I prefer to express myself through my art and then I just don’t know what to write about a piece, you know? Then, I found deviantART and started journaling there and realized that I don’t ONLY have to talk about art. And that I can copy and paste blog entries here and in dA (which is probably cheating a bit, lol). So, hopefully this blog will give you a bit of a glimpse of the artist behind Kimchi Kawaii instead of me just posting a picture and saying ‘And yes, this is a kawaii bowl of ramen. Isn’t it cute? The end’. (Oh look, there IS a cute bowl of ramen)!

Anyway, so to get up to speed here….

  • I’m still selling my kawaii designs through Cafe Press and Zazzle.
  • I’m getting ready to set up shop on Art Fire (it’s like Etsy). I’ll be selling my hand crafted items there.
  • My art is so all over the place in styles and genres that I decided to make a sub brand for a lot of my crafted items. In 2012, I created Frosted Fleur de Lis by Kimchi Kawaii. This brand will carry lolita items and my sweets/dessert themed crafts.
  • Both Kimchi Kawaii and Frosted Fleur de Lis have Facebook pages if you’re interested in getting the latest news. I post links to new items that are available and quick status updates.
  • I will be selling once again at Fanime for my second time and at the end of June, I’ll be selling at Anime Expo for the very first time which is exciting and a bit scary!

So, that’s what’s been going on in a nutshell since my absence from here! Stay tuned for more to come 🙂

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Yay for a TBA!

I’m doing another art challenge weekend. Figured since this one is a long one, I should make use of my time. I’m not sure that I’m going to finish all the designs on my list though as it’s Sunday and there are still quite a few. I haven’t been totally slacking though (ok, so I admit to some marathon mahjong on Facebook the other night…). There is a traditional medium piece that I’ve been working on for a while now and yesterday, I got really into it. I worked on it four hours straight. I’ll post it to this blog probably this week. I need to get a picture of it.

Anyway, this is one of the designs from my art challenge list. I love cupcakes and I love lolita style so this combines both of them into one. Apparently, the people at Zazzle liked it too and it got a Today’s Best Award for Friday. I was really happy to see that! I hadn’t gotten one in a very long time.

Here’s the link if you want to check it out in my Zazzle shop.

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