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Artist Alley: Otakon 2014!

Come see Kimchi Kawaii in the Otakon 2014 artist alley at table S06!

Come see Kimchi Kawaii in the Otakon 2014 artist alley at table S06!

I’m getting ready to head out to my first Otakon! I’m based in CA, so I don’t get over to the east coast very often. I hope you’ll come visit me at my table in the artist alley, S06! I’ll have lots of cute stuff like my pun prints, pins, and plushies (that’s a bit of a tongue twister, lol).

I will also be promoting the Sweet Dreams Kickstarter which is running now. I will have one of the limited edition backer rewards with me – the Roary scarf by RosaleenDhu Designs. I will also have one of the Sakura Mochi Bun plush and of course, be on hand to answer any questions you may have 🙂


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Drop the Fat Beet

This veggie hits the tunes.

This veggie hits the tunes.

I’m trying to get more art back into my life here. It’s ironic how little I do considering I own a business that is based on my art. This year, I’ve done the least amount of new designs since opening. Of course, I’m also doing about 10 anime cons too in addition to my full time job, so that’s definitely impacted production. I miss doing new designs though so working on squeezing in whatever I can here and there. I’m worried that I’m going to go stale if I don’t have new stuff to offer at future cons.

This one sat around for a while before I finished it last night. I call it another case of ‘What Happens When You Listen to EDM While Doing Art’. Right now, as I type, I’m blasting Audien, my new favorite EDM artist.


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Something Scary This Way Comes…

File this under: The Internet Just Got Weirder.

Scary Bread lives at the end of the Rainbow of Awesome. 🙂

Yes, that is a REAL piece of bread. A piece that never molded. Ever. It’s overdue to a visit to the Happy Bakery in the Sky by about three years and still shows no intent of leaving. I bought a loaf of bread around Easter over three years ago. I shall leave the store name out of this since I don’t want to get in trouble cause I’m guessing that announcing that Store X’s bread doesn’t mold isn’t very flattering to them. For whatever reason, I ate about half the loaf and then didn’t get to the second half. Then I noticed that even though it was overdue, it wasn’t showing any sign of decomposing. So it turned into an office science experiment. Some of my coworkers found out about it and soon, people were checking in to see if the bread was still around. We gave it a name and you know, once you’ve given something a name, it’s family. Thus, Scary Bread was born.

At first, Scary just sat at my desk and stared scarily at everyone who passed by. Then, on the anniversary of its second year, I decided to make a little birthday party scene for it and post the pictures on FB to share with my friends who all knew about Scary Bread by now. I used scratch paper and quickly threw something together during my lunch break. It was pretty fun to do and people really liked it, so I started doing other Scary Bread scenes.

This August, I created a FB page to house all of Scary Bread’s adventures in one spot. The thing that makes me lol about it is that out of all my FB pages I maintain (two others for my business – Kimchi Kawaii and it’s sub-brand Frosted Fleur de Lis), Scary Bread is reaching the highest percentage of people. Post stats actually show me reaching MORE than just the fans on the page. Currently, Scary Bread has 67 fans. Often, my posts reach 100+. On my serious art pages, I reach less than 10% of my fan base. Maybe I need to just focus on my piece of undead bread…

All these years and Scary Bread still captivates. Recently, some volunteers were in my office who had just started a few weeks ago. One of them noticed Scary sitting in its ‘apartment’ at my desk:

Volunteer: “What’s THAT???”
Me: “That’s Scary Bread. It never molded.”
Volunteer: “That’s awesome! Can I take a picture of it?”

Scary Bread’s PSA: get out and vote!

If you are interested in following the quirky adventures of Scary Bread, pics are posted to either the Facebook page or the Tumblr page (that one less often). It’s full of intentionally tackily done art (scratch paper and sharpies-done in under an hour), bad puns and sometimes takes on current events. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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Thumb Warrior

I admit, I’m a girl and I like video games. My favorites are Super Mario Bros. 3 (gotta go with the classic which I still think is the all time best Mario ever), Dance Dance Revolution, Super Mario Kart Wii and Katamari Damacy (wish they would release that series on the Wii. I think it would be awesome). I’m not so much into the hardcore violent ones. Just not my thing. When I’m playing video games its just light fun for me. Or procrastination as I avoid doing what I really should be doing – like updating shops or cleaning the apartment.

This was a design I came up with a few years ago, but didn’t get done up in Illustrator until this Christmas break. Sure it’s all fun and games for us, but did anyone ask the controller??

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