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Happy Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin pie is required to have a healthy serving of whipped cream.

Pumpkin pie is required to have a healthy serving of whipped cream.

Just a quick little note here as we approach Thanksgiving. Thank you for supporting my little dream here either through buying my product, helping to spread the word or visiting me at one of my many anime con tables. It really does mean a lot to me that people like my art enough to purchase it and look forward to more designs.

I took a little break here after Anime Weekend Atlanta to catch up on sleep and do some work on the online shops which were a bit neglected during the height of con season. I also got some new artwork done. I’m already making lots of plans for 2014 though and starting to ramp up product creation again, so stay tuned!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving with friends and family!


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Thanksgiving Pie

Pumpkin pie is required to have a healthy serving of whipped cream.

Pumpkin pie is required to have a healthy serving of whipped cream.

Fall is probably my favorite season. I love the cooler temps and the color of the leaves. It’s a really nice break after the at times sweltering heat of summer. It also means Halloween is on it’s way which is one of my favorite holidays and Thanksgiving which means PUMPKIN PIE!!! A few years back, I bought a jack-o-lantern pumpkin intending to carve it. I never got around to it and felt bad just chucking it, so I decided to figure out how to make pie from scratch. Well, after researching on the internet and finding that those pumpkins aren’t that great for pie, I ended up having to throw it away after all. But I did go out and buy a pie pumpkin and discovered that it’s really not as hard as people say it is. And it tastes SO much better than the canned stuff and makes your place smell yummy when baking.

Anyway, I did this cute little slice of pumpkin pie and uploaded it into the Zazzle shop. It’s a redo of one of my first designs that I did for Kimchi Kawaii. As my skills improve with Illustrator, I find myself wanting to spruce up some of the old favorites. Enjoy!

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Searching for Something New?

Happy Black Friday everyone! Let the holiday shopping insanity begin! Or not. You know, when I was younger, I used to kind of savor the rush of going out among all the hustle and bustle of everyone looking for good deals and stuff. Now, the thought of the crowds (that often turn unruly) just makes me cringe. And there is no deal good enough to get me up and out in the cold before the day’s started. If the sun’s not up, neither am I!

I am sure that while the turkey induced drowsiness has worn off, the urge to move may still be in hiding. If you are looking for unique designs and a way to do all your holiday shopping in your bathrobe, why not give my shops a try? I carry my items in both Cafe Press and Zazzle. They can be accessed by going to my webpage In the shops, you’ll find various items with my Japanese kawaii inspired artwork (like the cute little pumpkin pie to the left). I also like bad puns you will probably come across a few eye rollers in there too. If kawaii isn’t your thing, there are other art styles that I work in and you can find these under the K2 section of the  shops. I am constantly creating new designs. If you are on Facebook or deviantART, you can either become a fan (Kimchi Kawaii) or watch me as those two places are updated with new designs on a fairly frequent basis.

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The leaves are turning colors and despite it being a so far, unseasonably warm November, it IS November. I love this month. I think fall is my favorite season. The air is crisp, but not bitter cold yet. You get some really nice days of sun that aren’t too hot like during the summer. I love the colors of the trees. Whoever had a hand in advising which trees to plant in my town was awesome. Nearly every freeway on or off ramp has a grouping of Chinese pistache which in the fall turn brilliant colors. One street near my apartment is lined with flowering pear which in the fall turn a deep red that is almost purple in some of them. Another street near my work is an explosion of gold ginko trees. It’s really fun to see all the variety.

Another reason I love this time of year are all the holidays. We get them one right after another starting in October with Halloween and ending with New Year’s. I know in this day and age, it’s not ‘trendy’ or p.c. to admit to liking Christmas, but you know what? That’s other’s opinion and I have every right to mine. So yes, I DO enjoy the holiday season. I just wish others would respect my right to enjoy it as much as I respect theirs to not. Instead, I put up with constant grumbling about how much they hate this time of year, how stressed out they are with everything they need to get done, bah humbug, etc. etc.

Anyway….getting off my soapbox there….

Also for my family, there is the added bonus of two birthdays, one of them mine 🙂 Most of the time, it gets overshadowed by Thanksgiving and everyone is super busy, but it’s still something fun for me. I remember as a kid, my birthday was a huge thing that I got excited about starting around Halloween. And then when I figured out about wish lists, I started thinking of my birthday around August. That was when my younger sister celebrated her birthday, so it would get me thinking. Isn’t it ironic how as kids we can’t wait to get older fast enough and then some time around 30 we wonder why we were in such a rush to get here and then wish we could reverse time? As I am steadily on the one way street down my 30’s, the excitement of a birthday isn’t as huge any more. This year, I gave my family my wish list close to Halloween, which for me is pretty late.

Or it means that the memory is going as I get older…. 🙂

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