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Giveaways on My Facebook Pages!

We interrupt this program to let you know that I’m running two giveaways on my FB pages to celebrate Kimchi Kawaii’s 5th birthday! So I guess this isn’t too off topic here, lol!

Anyway, Kimchi Kawaii’s giveaway has lots of fun items like prints, pins, a bag, etc.

Fleur’s giveaway, in keeping with the lolita/sweets theme has some prints and lolita accessories.

One person will win all these items: 2 prints, 2 sticker sheets, charm, pin, button, key chain and zipper pouch!

One person will win all these items: 2 prints, 2 sticker sheets, charm, pin, button, key chain and zipper pouch!

The winner will get 2 prints, a necklace, hair clips, ring, hair bow, pin and a mini fake cupcake decoration.

The winner will get 2 prints, a necklace, hair clips, ring, hair bow, pin and a mini fake cupcake decoration.


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Five Year Old Kimchi: Part 1 – The Shops

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I started this whole venture. This will be the first in a multi part series about all the things I’ve experienced in those 5 years as a small business owner.

I’ve always wanted to make money with my artwork. Over 5 years ago, my mom saved me a newspaper clipping about this site called Cafe Press. It was a print on demand site where you could upload your original designs and put them up for sale on various items like shirts, mugs, buttons, etc. She thought it would be a really good outlet for my artwork and I agreed. However at that time, I was busy with other things in my life and so it got filed away as ‘something to do in the future’.

One of the items available through Cafe Press.

One of the items available through Cafe Press.

I had some things change and suddenly, I decided to tackle this and take a step out to see if I could make some money off this. I did a little research to find out what I needed to do to get started (and probably over researched and over prepared as I tend to do, but it put me ahead of the game in the long run) and set up shop. Cafe Press was the first public outing for Kimchi Kawaii – though at the time, I was called Soy Happy (more on that in another post). I also bought my dream computer iMac and Adobe Illustrator – which freaked out my credit card company who then froze the card and called my land line to make sure it was really me doing this fatty purchase. That in turn freaked ME out at the Apple store cause I thought someone had taken all my money, lol! Thanks to my friend and her cell phone (was cell phone less at the time), we got it all sorted out and I went home with my computer and got to work on all the bad puns and kawaii style art Kimchi has become known for.

About a year later, I heard about another print on demand called Zazzle and decided to open another shop there to reach as many people as I could. While at times it’s been a bit of a pain to maintain both shops, there are some things in each site that are not carried by the other. I really like the cocktail dishes through Cafe Press and love the messenger bags through Zazzle.

Fast forward to another year or so down the line when I started crafting items. Zazzle and CP have their items that are available to the shopkeepers, but if I wanted to create my own crafted items, I had find another site to sell those items through. I looked at some sites including Etsy, but honestly didn’t really like their fee structure so I went with Art Fire. I started selling my acrylic charms, jewelry, and Frosted Fleur de Lis (sweets and lolita related items) there. Basically, it was the same stuff that I was selling at anime cons, but this could reach beyond the one city I was in for a con. I had a some what good run there, but in the end, it just wasn’t working out for me, so I closed that shop down and moved to Storenvy this year. I’m still building things up in there, but I’m hoping with some marketing and the fact that Storenvy is getting more well known, I hope it can do well.

And finally, I started selling my original fabric designs through Spoonflower under the Frosted Fleur name. I love making original lolita dresses, but let’s face it, cute boarder prints are super hard to come by here in the states unless you want country kitsch. Which I didn’t. So, you want something lolita, you gotta draw it yourself 🙂 As I’m trying to pack a lot of detail into my designs, progress is slow there. I have a huge list of designs I want to do, but not enough time to do them in. I’m hoping to get some more done during Christmas break which is when I tend to do most of my art for the year.

Yep, I’m pretty much all over the place with my shops and always looking for more ideas/products to do under the Kimchi or Fleur name. Btw, if you want to keep up with everything going on, the best place to do so is on the Facebook pages listed below. I update there the most about all the various shops.

Kimchi Kawaii Facebook Page

Frosted Fleur de Lis Facebook Page

Ok, that’s all from me for this first post. Time to call it a night!

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FanimeCon 2013 Artist Alley Map

I'll be at table 103 in the Artist Alley.

I’ll be at table 103 in the Artist Alley.

FINALLY have a table location AND a map! Whew. Seven more days to go. We will be at 103 in the Artist Alley behind the main convention center in South Hall (it’s a blue and white semi permanent tent). I really hope people make the trek out there cause there are so many deserving artists with awesome one of a kind stuff. You won’t be disappointed.

If you want a sneak peak at some of the items that I’ll be selling or want to keep up with Kimchi Kawaii’s scheduled cons, like my Facebook page!

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Facebook Page Giveaway!

I can’t believe it’s May already. Once again, this year is flying by. In an attempt to gain more exposure for my brand, Kimchi Kawaii and to just do fun stuff (who doesn’t like fun stuff??) for Fanime month, I’m doing a giveaway on my Facebook fan page. Visit the page, like it and share the photo to be entered into a random drawing for the panda earrings and charm. Both are made of 100% waterproof acrylic and about 1″ tall.

Fanime is only one weekend (Memorial Day weekend), but I’m calling May Fanime month because I’m in high production mode, generating inventory to sell. I will be in the Artist Alley for my second year. They haven’t announced the table assignments yet, but I’ll announce on all my pages when they do.

Items for sale will be:

  • fake cupcakes (they were great attention getters last year and sold pretty well too)
  • cake boxes
  • buttons
  • acrylic charms, earrings and rings
  • hair bows and clips
  • plushies
  • stickers

And I’m sure I’m leaving something out…. Hope some of you can drop by and see me!

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Think This May be It

I keep having trouble with my blog on here. It says that it will publicize to my Facebook, but then when it actually does, it doesn’t. Somewhere in there, the link gets broken and it never shows. Of course, I don’t find this out until AFTER I’m sitting there and thinking ‘Hey, I was supposed to have a post go up’ and then go to WordPress and find that yes, it DID post, but no, it didn’t post to the Facebook newsfeed. I’ve tried everything and now it won’t even accept that I’ve authorized it to post there. As I’m already trying to keep up with a ton of different pages as it is that are working better for me and have more followers, I think I am going to drop this blog here.

If you want to keep up with Kimchi Kawaii, you can check me out at the following sites:

Tumblr  •  deviantART  • Facebook fan page

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Reflections on What We’ve Become

Ok, time for another deviation from my normal, fluffy, kawaii stuff or postings about my art process. This is just something that’s been running through my head and I wanted to share some thoughts. If you want something sunny and happy, just stop reading now and tune in on my next post.

Wednesday, when perusing my Facebook news feed (yes, I am a Facebook junkie just as much as the next person), I noticed a suspicious looking link. Supposedly a friend of one of my friends had tagged that friend in a video. The video promised to show this shocking scene of a girl committing suicide on webcam. I’ve seen stuff like this before and know it’s a lure to have people unknowingly download a virus onto their computers. Now, I know that most people who come across these scams immediately think ‘Stupid scammers! No respect or morals at all. All they want to do is mess up my life!’. I am not justifying scammers by any means. What they are doing is totally shady and wrong and they should be caught and disciplined by all means.

What troubles me is the ‘bait’ that they are using. Think about it. You’re fishing and have 2 types of bait – let’s say worms and fish eggs. You bait the hook with the fish eggs and nothing happens so you switch to the worm. Voila, you get a bite and reel in a nice catch. So you drop in another worm and once again feel the tug on the line. You now know that worms are what will give you the most success so that’s what you go with for the rest of  your trip. Videos like this are basically that worm. Scammers know that something like this will prove irresistible to people and some will actually click on it. If it wasn’t producing results, we would be seeing other ‘shocking’ videos. This is really sad in so many ways.

First, if this was a legit video, these scammers/hackers are using a girl’s death for their own selfish means, which is sick. However, I think that this says something darker about the society we find ourselves in today. When did we become so voyeuristic? When did watching someone die become so attractive that people will click on the link to watch it? Who wants to sit there in their room and watch a human life destroyed, possibly with friends around so that everyone can express self-righteous amazement that someone would take their own life? I almost feel like we are going back to the Roman times when it was grand entertainment to go to the Coliseum to watch the gladiators kill each other or the lions tearing apart the Christians. Sure people can say that everyone has a darkness in their hearts and that some are just better at hiding/resisting it than others. But the fact that these people are able to trick so many people with this video enough to call it successful and keep using it speaks volumes.

Something else to think about – in the variations I’ve seen of this, the person committing suicide is ALWAYS a female. Why is that? I can’t help but think that there is some subtle text about  society’s views of women that are still a bit backwards. It’s more sexy and tragic to watch a female die than a male? (The thumb nail that showed in my news feed had her topless with a bandage around her breasts). Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it makes me wonder.

I see headlines in the news about how someone killed someone else over something as trivial as a parking space. People get seriously injured in the rush to grab the Black Friday deals after Thanksgiving. Real suicides get played out on YouTube with people actually watching, but no one thinks to try to call for help. We can fill our lives with all the technology in the world and make wonderful discoveries in science, but as long as humans devalue the right of another human to life, it won’t matter at all. We’ll become soulless husks, vacantly scanning for the next ‘shocking!’ video that will have to further push the boundries to even wake us out of our numb stupor.

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Blog Slacker

Ok, I know I’ve totally lagged in the blogging lately. I got that stupid bug that’s going around my town and have been all out of sorts for nearly a month now. I don’t do invalid very well since I like to always be on the go and doing stuff. Being told to hole up in the apartment as much as possible and rest makes me a grumpy girl after this long. Also, I had a bunch of decisions that had/have very close deadlines and NO ONE was giving me a straight answer! Very frustrating. So I was stressed out too. Obviously, I wasn’t in the mood to blog at all, but now I think I’m finally coming out of the woods and have just come to the conclusion that the cough is here for the long haul. All I can do is take the stuff the doctor gave me and wait it out.

So, what’s been going on in Kimchi Kawaii? Get ready for another of my quick and dirty updates!

I put in the order for my die cut sticker sheet at the beginning of the month and they came super fast. Am really happy with the way they came out. They are so cute! I wrote an entry about them complete with picture a few months ago. You can check it out here if you want. It’s pretty much what is pictured, but with the addition of a fortune cookie and some more onigiri.

I got in another order of the acrylic charms – designs in this set are eggplant, onigiri, chinese take out and a humpback whale.

I don’t have the Artfire shop yet, so for now, this is all stock that will (hopefully) be sold at Fanime in May. If you are around, come by my table in Artist Alley. I’ll post on here and on my Facebook page.

Just updated the Facebook page to have an easy to remember address –

Been doing a new series on the Biblical Fruits of the Spirit. Not done yet, still have three more to go, but have been uploading them to the Zazzle shop as I can. I’ll get them into Cafe Press soon.

Have a ton of new designs I want to do!

Realized that I totally suck at updating my home page and so did that too.

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