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Important Announcement


Apparently, I’m not getting all my messages that are sent via the Storenvy contact form due to a glitch on their site. As I have no control over this, please use my direct business email address info(at) for requests, questions, etc.

I try to reply within 24 hours of getting a message so if you haven’t heard back from me and submitted via Storenvy, this is why.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


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Oh hai!

One of my recent posts talked about how I had to redo nearly all my shops. I know it had to be done, but I was worried about how re-entering everything meant that I had to wipe out my link history that I had built up for nearly 2 years. Then, my sales started drying up like a lake in the desert in high summer and I thought my suspicions were confirmed. I had gone from many sales a week to one here and there every other week. I was thinking ‘Well, this is going to be an interesting holiday season’. I used to get so annoyed at how over commercialized the holidays are with the in your face ads to buy! buy! buy!! (the Lexus ones are the WORST). This is not to say that I still don’t get annoyed at the whole thing, but I do kind of have a bit of an understanding. Like the big stores, the holidays are the best time for sales and it can carry me through a few months until the unavoidable summer doldrums.

Anyway, I digress…. So, I got back from a nice weekend at home and was trying to catch up on all the emails and stuff that I couldn’t get to while away. When going through my Kimchi Kawaii inbox on Yahoo, I noticed that I had 59 emails in the Spam folder. I clicked over there to dump them all out thinking that they would all be from my lost Nigerian uncle who had fabulous wealth to deposit in my bank account. Instead, there were a ton of legit ones in there from both Cafe Press and Zazzle. I found out about some Cafe Press changes that I had noticed on my own one night, panicked and sent a help email to support. I found numerous promotions for discounts. I found some of my Zazzle newsletters. And, I found a ton of sale notifications. Yep, my shops were chugging right along, and I had no idea. I went through and marked them all ‘not spam’, so hopefully, they will stay out of my over zealous spam folder!

Apparently, there ARE things of interest in my spam folder!

Except for my lost Nigerian uncle. Unless he starts buying my designs.

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Didja Know….

…that Kimchi Kawaii has an email address that I check daily? In both shops, there are so many product options to put designs on that in the name of time (and sanity) I often select what I think is the most popular or what fits the design best. If you see a design that you really like and want on an item that it currently is not on, just send me an email letting me know what design and what product you would like to see it on. So that I am not a starving artist, I work a full time job in the day so please allow about a one day turn around to process requests.

In Zazzle: click on the ‘Send Message’ link

In Cafe Press: click on the ‘Learn More’ link on the right hand side. Email address is at the bottom of my bio.

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