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Fortune Cookie Says…

*NOTE: This is a repost from my journal on deviantART. I originally wrote this late in 2011, but some of it still applies and I know not everyone has deviantART accounts.

Was out with my friend the other night and my fortune cookie said ‘Now is the time to set your sights high and go for it’. I really liked that one and saved it. Kinda coincided with my thought process and plans for Kimchi. There’s about a month and a half left in 2011 and I’ve seen growth in my shops on both Cafe Press and Zazzle, but I want to take it up to the next level in 2012. It will be the Year of the Dragon (which is my year and I’ve always loved dragons). I had some set backs and stuff this year that prevented me from opening the online craft part, but the goal is to get all my ducks lined up in a row so that I can start 2012 off with a bang (not that my life really ever is that slow anyway). I’ll be selling at Anime Expo for the first time ever and hoping to sell at Fanime (reg just isn’t up yet) again. I would like to find some other cons and I think that with some marketing and careful budgeting, I can do this.

Sometimes, I get kinda depressed at how slow things are progressing and when I see people on here who can do art full time and have like 1,000 fans on their FB page and loyal customers. But my friend was reminding me that often, we don’t see how far we’ve come and only see (or think we see) how we aren’t measuring up to everyone else. I just need to remember that everyone’s situation is different and do the best that I can in MY situation. I work full time, I’m single and I’m financing this whole thing completely on my own with some very careful money managing. I guess when you look at it that way, it’s pretty good that I’ve gotten done what I have so far! So will just keep plugging away at balancing shop management and creating new things.

Here are some of my goals, hopes and dreams for ‘setting my sights high’:
• FINALLY get the online shop up
• Redesign my website and take a much more active roll in keeping it updated
• Am experimenting with hand sewing some of my designs into felt plushies.
• Did you know that I have 91 files in my ‘Sketches’ folder? That’s where I put all digital pictures I take of my sketch book pages so that I can use them as templates for my designs further down the road. And most of those files actually have 2-3 sketches on one page. So have LOTS of ideas still waiting to be completed
• Finalizing guidelines and prices and opening up commissions on dA finally.

Am already planning on using my Christmas break to get as much art done as I can!

(And no, I’m not caffeinated right now :) Just feeling some fierce determination to make Kimchi a name that people recognize) =D

Thanks for listening (reading) my random ramblings….


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Shameless Self Promotion

DeviantART is having a design battle themed on cute monsters and the winners will be chosen from the top 50 with the most votes. Normally, I don’t bother with contests like that where you have to vote. To me, it turns into a popularity contest rather than one based purely on talent. However, cute monsters are right up my alley so I figured I would give it a go this one time.

Anyway, I am definitely NOT the most popular kawaii style artist on there. There are some people who can post a deviation and get like 10,000 views within a few hours of posting. I’m usually lucky to break 2,000 in a few days. So, all this to say, if you have a deviantART account, could you please go check out my monster entry and if you like it give him your vote?

Thank you so much!

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Think This May be It

I keep having trouble with my blog on here. It says that it will publicize to my Facebook, but then when it actually does, it doesn’t. Somewhere in there, the link gets broken and it never shows. Of course, I don’t find this out until AFTER I’m sitting there and thinking ‘Hey, I was supposed to have a post go up’ and then go to WordPress and find that yes, it DID post, but no, it didn’t post to the Facebook newsfeed. I’ve tried everything and now it won’t even accept that I’ve authorized it to post there. As I’m already trying to keep up with a ton of different pages as it is that are working better for me and have more followers, I think I am going to drop this blog here.

If you want to keep up with Kimchi Kawaii, you can check me out at the following sites:

Tumblr  •  deviantART  • Facebook fan page

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Amazing Day

I think that the only thing that could have made April 11th any better would have been if it was a Friday instead of a Monday. It will definitely be one of the best Mondays ever! I am an active member on this website called deviantART. It’s basically Facebook for artists. One of the things that they do on there is something called a ‘Daily Deviation’ or ‘DD’ as it’s most commonly referred to. The admins on the site pick 36 pieces each day to feature on the website out of the thousands that are there. It’s a huge deal to most of the artists on there and I would say that most of us dream of one constantly. I know I would look at the ones on the bottom of my page (where they show up when browsing) and think ‘I wonder if I will ever get one in there?’. This morning, when I checked my inbox, I saw that I had 200+ messages which never happens all at once. I sometimes don’t get to my inbox and things pile up, but I had just cleared it out this weekend. There was a little jump in my heart….

And then I found out that my Kumiho piece (the Korean fox spirit I wrote about a few entries ago) had received a DD. I was totally euphoric and that’s not exaggerating. If I had been at home, I probably would have jumped on the phone and called all my friends. I don’t know if a DD has the same meaning to people outside of dA, but all the same, I wanted to share it with someone. I also kind of got teary eyed seeing the little DD box there. I totally fit the old phrase ‘you are your worst critic’. I know it’s bad, but I see other peoples’ art and think that my stuff doesn’t quite measure up. In a way, it’s what keeps me working to improve and learn new things, but it’s also a bit bad for the self esteem! To have it selected from all the other pieces that are on the dA site by people I have never met in my life was just really cool. I can’t think of another word for it right now.

This was coming after a very good art weekend too. I got 2 Today’s Best Awards on Zazzle (Angel Food Cupcake and Mouse in the House). So all in all, I am feeling VERY happy right now with my art and have been floating on Cloud 9, no 10 all day long!

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Art Throw Down: The Aftermath

So if you didn’t catch it last Saturday, I did a poll on my deviantART site about what design people wanted to see next. Among the various choices was ‘all of them by Monday’ which I threw in as a joke. And then everyone picked that one, so I decided to try to see how many I could get done as a kind of self challenge. This weekend was pretty mellow in regards to plans and the weather was kind of damp so it helped in my push. I even threw in some designs that weren’t on the list! This design, ‘Stacked Marshmallows’ is one of them. If you are curious to see the other ones, check out my journal on deviantART.

This was actually pretty fun to see that if I really put my mind to it, I can produce a lot of stuff in one weekend. I would have actually had one more, but I had to pause Friday night to do a much needed computer back up 🙂

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Wanna Follow?

Hey everyone! If you are subscribed to my blog, just wanted to say a big thank you! I try to keep it fairly updated with all the random creative process stuff that is pretty much my life. As I am a small business without a ton of money for a large scale marketing campaign, I constantly rely on social networking online like this blog and these other sites listed below. If you are interested, check them out and it would be greatly appreciated if you joined and/or suggested the pages to your friends.

Facebook fan page: shop announcements, status updates, product updates, etc.

Tumblr: mostly another blog, but more visual than text heavy. Perfect for those who don’t have time to read my often wordy entries 🙂

deviantART: frequently updated, informal art portfolio, journal entries and most designs are available to purchase there as art prints.

And of course, there are the two shop links:


Cafe Press

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Pity the Poor Fruitcake

I never really liked fruitcake that much. Maybe I just fall pressure to society and how NO ONE in their right mind should like it. It’s the frequent butt of jokes, white elephant gifts and family lore when the same one is  passed through different branches of the family. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of those candied fruits. They were also the same reason I used to skip the spumoni ice cream at The Old Spaghetti Factory. It used to also have the candied fruit and I remember thinking, ‘this is like fruitcake in an ice-cream form, blech’. I guess others had that same feeling because I started noticing that the fruits were absent.

Anyway, despite my dislike of this holiday dessert, you still gotta feel a bit sorry for it. Everything is welcomed during the holidays. The Christmas tree gets prime real estate in your biggest window. New ornaments that are given are exclaimed over and added to the collection. Christmas cards from friends and family are eagerly opened and perused for news and updates. Then a fruitcake arrives and it’s a game of ‘who wants it?’. So I drew this design for Christmas 2009.

The funny thing about this piece is what happened when I put it up on my deviantART account recently. Suddenly, within a 12 hour period, my stats showed that it had become my most favorited (currently at 637), most commented (currently at 130) and most viewed (currently at a whopping 3,457!!) of all the designs in my gallery. I’ve had the account since August 2010 and there are some in there that only have one or two favorites and a handful of views. In the comments below the design there is a running debate between the ‘Fruitcake is Heavenly’ and ‘I Give Fruitcake to My Enemies’ sides. And then there are people who just feel sorry for it. It’s been so funny to follow! If you want to read the comments, some of which are pretty entertaining check out my deviantART page.

Someone did comment on how they are now forced to make their own each year because it’s getting harder to find in the stores. I wonder if I had homemade fruitcake if I would feel differently about this debatable dessert!

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