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Thanksgiving Pie

Pumpkin pie is required to have a healthy serving of whipped cream.

Pumpkin pie is required to have a healthy serving of whipped cream.

Fall is probably my favorite season. I love the cooler temps and the color of the leaves. It’s a really nice break after the at times sweltering heat of summer. It also means Halloween is on it’s way which is one of my favorite holidays and Thanksgiving which means PUMPKIN PIE!!! A few years back, I bought a jack-o-lantern pumpkin intending to carve it. I never got around to it and felt bad just chucking it, so I decided to figure out how to make pie from scratch. Well, after researching on the internet and finding that those pumpkins aren’t that great for pie, I ended up having to throw it away after all. But I did go out and buy a pie pumpkin and discovered that it’s really not as hard as people say it is. And it tastes SO much better than the canned stuff and makes your place smell yummy when baking.

Anyway, I did this cute little slice of pumpkin pie and uploaded it into the Zazzle shop. It’s a redo of one of my first designs that I did for Kimchi Kawaii. As my skills improve with Illustrator, I find myself wanting to spruce up some of the old favorites. Enjoy!


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Back in the Game

My posts started getting a bit spare here. I was walloped up side the head with a lovely bug that’s going around my home town. It’s a nasty one that lingers for what seems like forever. I would almost rather have the flu, at least that just hits you like a truck and then keeps on going. I’ve heard this thing can take about 3 weeks to fully get over. All I know is that I missed nearly a week of work and had no energy to do anything other than lay on the couch and watch cheesy chick flicks and ‘The Office’. I didn’t even have energy to do any art. Today is the first day that I actually feel 90% human again. I still have this nasty lingering cough, but that always takes the longest to get rid of. It’s mostly just a waiting game at this point and hoping I don’t hack up any vital organs in the meantime.

I’ve been itching to get back to art again and so tonight, cut off the DVD (even though it’s the finale of Project Runway) and jumped onto Illustrator and this is what I came up with – Happy Flan! I’ve noticed that flan is a frequent subject in kawaii art. I really have no idea why. I decided I wanted to give it a go – mostly cause I wanted to experiment with some effects to make the flan sauce look authentic. It was pretty fun to do and I’m really happy with the way it came out. This is the first completed design that I did purely on the computer. Usually, I sketch out my stuff first old skool style with pen and paper and then scan it in to use as a template in Illustrator. Sometimes, I just can’t wrap my mind around the whole vectors thing. It’s been uploaded to both shops already if you are curious to check it out.

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Let Them Eat Cake!

Cake is so yummy! This is one of my first Illustrator designs where I said ‘I’m gonna put a lot of detail into this one’. I pretty much learned Illustrator through a once through with a tutorial book, a lot of trial and error and constant use. I was thinking one day that cupakes are basically little baby cakes and thought it would be fun to make a dessert family based off this idea. I am really happy with the way this one came out. Ended up spending nearly a full Sunday on this one. Originally, I was going to do a bunch of the usual Kimchi Kawaii designs, but once I got involved in this one, I couldn’t stop. This design can be found in my Cafe Press and Zazzle shops, like nearly all the others written about on this blog.

Since this one, I’ve already done another detailed Illustrator piece (Queen of Hearts) and am eager to start another one.

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Who Said Anything About Fall???

Well normally, creamsicles are associated with summer and being that it’s almost October, I would be a bit late posting about them here. But man, it’s sure been hot! This has been such a weird year weather-wise. I heard that in the beginning of the week, Los Angeles was up to 113 or something insane like that. Pass the popsicles people, summer’s not going away yet!

This was a design that I had in my sketchbook. I wasn’t planning on using it for anything final, it was just a doodle I did when trying to come up with ‘real’ Kimchi Kawaii art. Then, I joined deviantART and saw what people could do with Illustrator and I wanted to challenge myself. I know that compared to some of the photo realistic stuff out there, this is pretty primary, but I’ve got to start somewhere right? Mostly the appeal of this one was to practice drawing shiny objects. I am pretty happy with the way it came out.

I’ve always loved orange creamsicles or dream bars as I’ve also heard them called. The cold, crunchy, citrusy outside is perfect for the soft, creamy soft serve inside. It just screams summer to me. I purposely do not stock them in my freezer so I am not tempted to eat them for dinner. Hey, it does have some of the food groups in there – dairy (ice cream), fruit (the uh, fake orange ice part) and I guess if you really want fiber, you could eat the stick….

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