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Shop Open!

Well, that only took me over a year, but I finally launched the Art Fire shop last week. Why did it take so long? Part of it was my totally anal need to follow the rules. My state makes you wade through a snow drift of paperwork to open a small business. It took a lot of patience for sure! The other part was because I had this crazy idea that I needed variety, variety, VARIETY at the outset. So I was frantically hoarding up all my crafted items so I could launch with the full line. Silly me. Anyway, you can find the shop in Art Fire.

I was finding that my crafted items tended to fall into the sweets range and also was branching out into lolita accessories. It was just not meshing well with the art style I do under the name of Kimchi Kawaii. So I created a sub-brand called Frosted Fleur de Lis by Kimchi Kawaii. I know, super long name, but for now I have to do it this way as my Art Fire shop can only have one name and I don’t want to pay for another shop on there at this time. Of course, my dream is to eventually move everything to Right now, that’s just a landing page to house all my links to stuff like Cafe Press, Zazzle and Facebook.

So what’s in the shop right now? There are a few Kimchi designs on acrylic – earrings and phone charms. I recently uploaded my polymer clay cookie necklaces. They are perfect accessories for a sweet lolita outfit. You can also find my fake cupcakes. Lots more will be coming soon!

Side note: I will also be selling at Fanime in San Jose this year (Memorial Day weekend) and Anime Expo in Los Angeles (last weekend in June) so stop by if you’re there!


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3.14 Makes Me Hungry

It’s March and that means that Pi Day is right around the corner. I never really liked math that much, but I couldn’t resist doing a pi/pie themed design for my shops. You know, maybe if they rewarded us with real pie, I would have liked it better! I actually did this design a year or so ago, but I wasn’t keeping up on my blog that much at that time.

If you want to show off your inner geek, this design is in my Zazzle shop.

For those of you not so into math, March is also National Craft Month. I did an entry on here about a crafty fox and then found out later that it would  have been more timely to wait ’til now to post that one. Oops! Let’s hear it for linking! If you’re curious, here is the Crafty Fox entry from about 2 months ago.

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Sweet Dreams

When I was working on the latest batch of fake cupcakes, I started daydreaming. It’s easy to do since I don’t have to think really hard about what I’m doing with them. One time, I was taking a batch to a friend. Since I don’t have a car, I rely a lot on public transportation and so that day was on the train with this tray of 12 cupcakes. This one couple who shared the table with me were commenting on them and one said that they were like a ‘3D Thiebaud’. For those of you who don’t know, Wayne Thiebaud is an American painter associated with the Pop art movement. One of the things he’s known for is painting desserts like cakes and pies. If you are interested in reading more about this artist, check out this link to Wikipedia.

Anyway, I love his art. If you ever get to see them in person, you will probably notice that he likes to build up thick layers of paint to add texture and on the ones of desserts, it just reminds me of frosting and I so badly want to touch it. So for someone to say that my cupcakes were like Thiebauds was definitely a compliment to me! A coworker suggested I try to see if the Crocker Art Gallery in Sacramento will sell them in the gift shop since they have a lot of Thiebaud themed things there (he’s from this area). I haven’t had a chance to look into it yet, but I when I was daydreaming the other day, I went on this little fantasy where he found them and really liked them and then told me so in an email or something. Ah yes, I do seem to have my head in the clouds a lot of the time. Maybe its the fumes from the spackle that I use for frosting….

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More of My Cupcakes :)

I was really happy with the new batch of cupcakes. I used to make fake roses out of Sculpey and had this one laying around from that project. It was my first and probably last time trying to sell art on consignment. It just wasn’t working out for me to make any money off of since I had to put the price so low so that the shop could get THEIR profit and didn’t make the retail price so high no one would buy them. Very frustrating to say the least. Anyway, this one never got turned into a full flower and it’s been rolling around in my craft box for a few years now. Now that I’m doing the fake cupcakes, I thought that this could possibly work as a good topper. I think I’ll make more of these flower ones in the future and maybe price them a bit more since they definitely take more work.

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What’s Going On in Kimchi Land?

Lots of things have been happening with Kimchi Kawaii, but you probably aren’t seeing too much of them at the moment. One of the things I want to do is start selling my handcrafted stuff online. I’ve been doing some research between Etsy and Artfire, probably the two more well known of the crafts for sale sites. After doing a comparison and lists of pro’s and con’s and nearly driving everyone mad with my questions, I decided to go with Artfire. I’m in the process of setting up the shop and you can bet there will be an announcement with the link once it’s done. In the meantime, I’m stocking up on inventory…

  • This weekend, I made up about 24 more of the fake cupcakes and took photos of them.
  • My acrylic charms arrived and I’ve started assembling some of them into earrings. The others will become cell phone charms, but I am still waiting on the straps. They are on the way.
  • I was able to purchase a button making machine which means I can soon start producing my own buttons, magnets and keychains to sell in the Artfire shop.
  • Sticker sheets will also be sold through there, but not right at the start.

If all goes well, I hope to have the shop up by the end of this month, but I still have a lot of work to do on it.

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Crafty Fox

One of my favorite things about winter is the fact that it’s a good time to stay in and work on crafts. It’s one of my favorite rainy day activities. I guess because I don’t feel guilty about staying indoors. Not like I should be out enjoying the weather or something 🙂

Anyway, I came up with this little design over winter break. Yes, another bad pun.

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Cloudy with a Chance of Crafts

What a wet and wild weekend! At one point, I felt like I was the queen of a castle because the drain in front of my place backed up and I started getting a moat – a.k.a. ye olde unwelcome mat. Saturday was a very unproductive day for me, but Sunday, I kicked it into high gear and worked on arty stuff all day long (minus a dinner and a movie break).

I pulled out the Sculpey that I’ve been stock piling for a while and finally got to work using it. Made some ‘cookies’ to top my fake cupcakes and some to turn into necklaces. Let me tell you, the fondant shape cutters that I bought work awesome for what I was doing! Also made some fake chocolate candies. I am so happy with the way these turned out. These were test runs. I think the next ones I make will have hooks in them to turn into pendants and stuff. Some will go on my fake cupcakes.

To fend off sugar cravings while making all these fake sweets, I drank lots of hot chocolate 🙂

December 20, 2010 at 4:44 pm 1 comment

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