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I kept seeing the theme of kitsune, Japanese fox spirits showing up on deviantART. I decided to find out what they were. Break out the Wikipedia! Once I was there, I noticed some other terms. One was kumiho, the Korean equivalent. Well, that got my interest! The kumiho are also fox spirits, but more vicious than the kitsune. They often appear as a bride and will lure men to their deaths (one version said that the kumiho would then eat the male victim’s liver! Yikes). I then did a Google image search and did find some kumiho pieces, but something I noticed were a lot of kimonos. Um, Korea and Japan ARE different countries with unique clothing styles… I think maybe I saw one in a hanbok which was closer.

I decided I wanted to draw one in a traditional Korean wedding dress. One reason was because it would be more authentic that way and the other was because Korean wedding dresses are so colorful and I’m all for colorful. I finally finished my piece this past weekend and am very happy with the way it turned out. The flower motif in the circular border behind her is a common element seen painted on traditional Korean architecture. When I visited, I spent so much time with my camera angled up into the brightly painted rafters and overhangs of the palaces that we visited. So I wouldn’t go crazy, I redrew the flowers on Illustrator and then made multiple scaled copies of it, printed them out and then used them as a tracing template on the final piece. The stylized clouds around her are done in the colors found in some traditional Korean art. I use Prismacolor colored pencils. Original piece is 18×24″.


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Lenore Finished!

You may or may not remember about a week ago my WIP posting. Here is the completed piece. I’m really happy with the way it came out. The woman is my interpretation of Lenore, the lost love of the narrator in Poe’s ‘The Raven’. I decided to make her as kind of a dark, Victorian angel with raven wings. The plants around her are Jimson weed, which are members of the datura family. This group of plants’ claim to fame is how when ingested, they can cause delirium and the inability to distinguish reality from fantasy (from Wikipedia entry, original article is here). As I was basing this picture on art nouveau style and those pieces are often packed with botanical detail, I knew I needed something in the background, but didn’t want to just throw in some random plant to serve merely as filler. I did some searching on Google which I’m sure would make anyone wonder what I was up to if they looked at my browser history. Words and terms like ‘poisonous plants’, ‘fatal plants’, ‘Victorian plant meanings’ and ‘hallucinogenic plants’ were all entered into search. I had vaguely remembered my horticulture friend, Anne telling me about jimson weed one time when we were walking through the nearby Arboretum and how it was known to cause hallucinations. Since I also liked the appearance of the plant (in the end, I am into making something pretty), I decided to use it…for the drawing that is, not for myself! The delirium inducing qualities of datura fit perfectly with the tone of the poem where the narrator seems to spiral into insanity.

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Cirque Nouveau

Two things that inspire me artistically are Cirque du Soleil and Art Nouveau so I wanted to do a piece that combined both of those things.

I remember I discovered Cirque many years ago when they would do a marathon on Bravo during New Year’s Eve. I’ve never been much of a partier so New Year’s is often spent at home with either family or on my own in my apartment. I think the first one I ever saw was ‘Allegria’ and to this day, that one remains one of my favorite Cirque shows. I remember being blown away by the things they do on stage and loving the costumes and makeup. Part of me fantasizes about working for Cirque. I know it would be a ton of hard work, but to be in such a creative atmosphere would make it all worth it.

I can’t remember when I discovered Art Nouveau and latched on to it. I really like the often intricate details that the artists would pack their pieces with. I have a book on Alfonse Mucha who is considered THE artist of that movement and I never get tired of looking at all the artwork in there.

Anyway, I actually got the idea for this design not when I was watching Cirque or looking at my Mucha book, but when I was sitting on the couch watching ‘Project Runway’. Watching other people create stuff makes me want to create stuff and so I grabbed my sketchbook and started doodling while watching. Once the sketch was done, I tweaked a few things and then started on the final piece. I’ve been working on it off and on since Thanksgiving weekend and finally finished it the week before Christmas. I am really happy with the way it came out.

Done  with Prismacolor colored pencils
Original piece: 18″ x 24″ cause I’m crazy like that 🙂

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Falling Behind…

For a while, I was doing so good with lining up posts ahead of time, but then I went home for Thanksgiving and had no computer access so am a bit behind and scarce on the posts this week. I intend to get stuff back on track this weekend again.

Anyway, one of the advantages of a Thanksgiving ‘unplugged’ was that time normally spent online was freed up and once I was done crashing on Mario Kart Wii, I worked on my traditional art. I’ve kind of neglected that recently. I am doing an art challenge for 2010 of 365 drawings/sketches, but mostly it’s been sketches that then get finalized in Illustrator and put up in the shops. Currently, I don’t have a program to scan my stuff in at the higher quality to sell as prints so all traditional art that I share online is a rather poorly colored digital photo. Hopefully, I can fix that in the future with Photoshop. I would like to branch out eventually and sell my other art in addition to the Kimchi Kawaii stuff.

This piece was one of the rare few to make it out of my Art Purgatory. Usually, if they end up there, they don’t make it to finished pieces. I had done the original sketch a long time ago and on a bigger piece of paper. About a year ago, I redrew the whole thing on a smaller paper and started the coloring, but then stopped again. I took it home for Thanksgiving and finally finished it. I really happy with the way it turned out. Wish the color was better on here. Also started another, larger piece mixing Cirque du Soleil and art nouveau. It will get posted here when it’s done. Actually worked on it a bit more this evening before watching one of my Christmas movies. There’s just something about working with traditional mediums that you can’t get with only working on computer. Maybe it’s the tangible aspect of it? The holding of the pencil in your hands? Not sure, but I don’t want my traditional art to completely fall by the wayside.

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