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Purrista Pawfee Kickstarter: Final 48 Hours!

mewcarons-final-hoursWhew, it’s hard to believe we’re on the final 48 hours here of the Purrista Pawfee Kickstarter! It’s been quite a ride and I think the most nail biting parts are still ahead. We managed to fully fund Catpuccino in 9 days. The Danish Pawstry came soon after. The last one we hope to fund is the Mewcaron, a cute macaroon hybrid kitty. As of posting, Mewcaron is just a tad over $2k needed for full funding.

Remember, I need full funding for each plush that goes into production! I know some said they are waiting til Mewcaron unlocks, but if too many wait too long, it won’t happen.

Please help by either pledging and/or sharing about this Kickstarter!

Purrista Pawfee will close Monday, January 25, 2016 at 9pm PST.


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Purrista Pawfee: Coffee Cat Kickstarter


Just a quick entry here to let you know that I’ve launched my next Kickstarter. This one is to fund the cats of Purrista Pawfee. The star of the show is Catpuccino – a kitty and coffee shaped plush. Once again, I’ve got stretch goals lined up that continue the theme. Danish Pawstry, Mewcaron, Biskitti and DeCat are all waiting in the wings.

I’m hoping to get these plush funded and delivered here in time for me to sell them at CatConLA – an amazing convention all about, you guessed it, cats. I had an awesome time last year and am already paid up for a spot again to sell in the artist’s village this year.

As I need to get the plush order in before Chinese New Year shuts down the factory for February, I’m only running this Kickstarter for 21 days total. Final day is Monday, January 25, 2016. As of writing this, I’m getting close to 50% funded for Catpuccino and it’s only day 2!

Even if you can’t pledge at this time, please help spread the word to any friends you have who love cute, cats, coffee or all three!

Thank you!

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Catpuccino Pre-order Event Extended

Ending Feb 6, 2015. Pre-order and save $5. All pre-orders will be entered into a random drawing to win an additional plush from the current stock, including Catpuccino.

I realize that ending a pre-order event at the end of the month is a bit rough, so I’ve extended the Catpuccino pre-order until February 6, 2015. Don’t miss out on your chance to save $5 and get the free Coffee Cats button set.

Also – everyone who orders before the cut off date will be put into a random drawing for an additional plush of their choice from my current stock! This includes Catpuccino! Yep, you could get a double shot, lol!

Head over to the Storenvy shop to place your order.

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Votes Needed! Decide the Next Kimchi Kawaii Project!

I’m looking for feedback on the next big Kimchi Kawaii project for 2015. I’ve created two series of characters: the Punny Buns and the Coffee Cats. The winning group will go into a crowd funding campaign for spring, 2015 in hopes of funding as many as possible. The one not chosen won’t vanish, but fund through a longer process of pre-orders.

Regardless of the outcome, Catpuccino is still in pre-order and I would like to order this one by the end of January for targeted arrival in March.

So comment below which group you want to see win! I’ll be tallying stuff up Jan. 2!Coffee Cats up for development - decat coffee, purrista, kittea, biskitti and catpuccino.Image showing the bread based bunnies to be developed as plushies.

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Pre-Order: Catpuccino Plush!

Catpuccino Pre-orders Now Open!

This has been by far the busiest holiday season I’ve ever had. The Storenvy shop has been keeping me on the go since before Thanksgiving which has been awesome.

Anyway, just a short entry here to say that I’ve finally put the Catpuccino plush into pre-order status! This is a 12″ tall plush made of soft minky fabric. It’s the first in what I hope will be more plush from the Coffee Cats series.

Right now, I’m offering this at a special pre-order price of $30 (+ shipping) and a free Coffee Cats button set. Once required amount of pre-orders is made, I’ll be putting them into production.

As this is a pre-order event, please note that there will be a significant delay. Once the plush go into production, it will be about 2-3 months for manufacture and shipping.

Ordering is being done through my Storenvy shop 🙂

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National Coffee Day

Apparently, today (Wednesday, September 29th) is National Coffee day. I need to do a Google search or something to find a list of all the weird ‘days’ that exist out there. I like off kilter unofficial holidays. They are usually funny, make you think ‘Really??? Someone has a lot of time on their hands!’, and usually inspire me to do some kind of Kimchi Kawaii related design. Actually, I suspect that I already have a lot of designs already done in the shops, but I just tend to find out about these ‘holidays’ a bit after the fact.

This was a design I did a while back and pretty much sums up my coffee experience. I am not one of those who requires a stop in the human gas station i.e. Starbucks to get going in the morning. I think I can trace this back to grade school. It was third grade summer school. Back then, summer school wasn’t for kids in danger of flunking out, but mostly something to keep us occupied so our parents didn’t go nuts with idle kids for three months. I liked summer school. We did all kinds of fun stuff. One day, our activity was a taste test. We were given a straw and told to go down a line of boxes, inserting the straw into the holes and taking sips. We were then supposed to write down what we thought it was. (I realize that in this day and age of germ-o-phobia, something like this would never fly). Anyway, one of the liquids was straight black coffee. Of course, I HATED it. And thus, my future as a coffee addict was cut short.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like my Starbucks every now and then, but usually, that’s because I’m just craving something hot and caramel tasting. During the holidays, my Starbucks consumption goes straight up as I love all the holiday drinks. Since I really don’t have a huge caffeine habit, when I do have some, it will totally buzz me. I learned the hard way to only get decaf. Regular totally buzzes me and then I crash, but the weird thing is, I will get a second wind buzz. I guess most people are thinking ‘Hey! Two for the price of one!’, but it comes at the most inconvenient time – like when I’m trying to get to sleep or already asleep and I wake up nervous and jittery as heck at 3a.m.

I did have a coffee today (decaf) and unknowingly celebrated National Coffee Day. Mostly, I was just craving something hot and full of caramel once again 🙂

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Artist on Hyper Drive!

I don’t know if it was the huge push I did on Kimchi Kawaii or what, but suddenly this week, my right hand started killing me. I’m hoping it’s not carpal tunnel, but for now, am trying to limit computer use. Since I’m one of those people who needs to be creating or involved in art nearly every day, it’s actually forcing me back to my traditional media which I had been neglecting in favor of my vector art. It’s really been fun to work again with the colored pencils and be sketching new ideas. I look forward to coming home, loading up the CD player with my favorite ‘artsy’ music (Cirque du Soleil, Sarah Brightman, and the Wicked soundtrack are current favorites) and just work until bed time.

And since I get all A.D.D. with my projects, I am working on a bunch all at once. A variation of the green man of mythology and gothic architecture, an anime style white rabbit, some more Kimchi Kawaii sketches for when I can get back on Illustrator again, and a picture inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Raven’. Also doing a freelance job with a super tight deadline and still holding down my full time job. Whew.

I also have a sewing project that needs to get done soon – my Queen of Hearts lolita style dress.

Caffeine? Who needs caffeine???

I did this Kimchi Kawaii picture a while ago. I don’t drink coffee or soda on a regular basis and this is pretty much what happens to me when I do. As hyper as I’m feeling right now with all my projects whirring through my head, I should probably stay away from the Starbucks. Might send me through the roof!

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