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Holiday Shipping Information – Storenvy Only

Get it in time! Check out the holiday shipping schedule.

Even though it’s still November, I wanted to get this posted nice and early to help with people’s planning for their holiday shopping.

  • The dates below apply ONLY to the Kimchi Kawaii Storenvy shop. My Redbubble and Zazzle shops will have their own cut off dates managed by those sites and they have an easier way to process faster shipping methods as well.
  • I will ship after these dates, but I can not guarantee that items will arrive in time for Christmas.
  • As the plushies have been very popular and difficult to keep in stock, I would advise ordering them sooner rather than later as they have often been on made to order basis.

Domestic Cut Off Date: December 15 – Standard Post

International Cut Off Date: December 1

I am only listing the standard post dates as some items as mentioned above are in made to order status. I’m currently working hard to stock the shop to the fullest I can, but I will also be holding some large sales Thanksgiving weekend so am unable to predict stock levels after December 1.

I have also run into issues with the campus post office that I can access during my lunch breaks (don’t have a car, still have to work full time). They keep running out of funding and from time to time are unable to ship packages. It’s been frustrating to say the least!

I could really use some of Santa’s helpers!

Thank you for understanding and thank you for supporting small businesses this holiday season!


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Holiday Shopping Season

Shop small, it's a big deal!‘Tis the season…when all the big companies bombard you with ads and marketing of all the shiny new stuff you MUST have to make this holiday season perfect. Some people love the rush and bustle of trying to find the perfect gift. Some people make it a point to stick it to the big businesses and stay home (Buy Nothing Day is a counter movement to Black Friday). I’m sure you’ve all seen numerous, dueling FB statuses in your newsfeed by now about both.

“Can’t wait til Black Friday! Check out the deal on this HDTV!!!! SO WAITING IN LINE FOR THIS!!”

“Stop the corporate greed! Don’t line the pockets of big companies on Friday”

What are my thoughts on this? Well, I’m  of mixed feelings. I agree that the holidays have largely been stripped of meaning and become a greed fest. When I see the mobs pushing and shoving in Walmart or Best Buy to get that Black Friday deal, it just makes me sick. Do we really need more ‘stuff’? And most of this stuff – where will it be this time next year? Yesterday’s news? And can most of us afford all this new stuff?

However, I am also a small business owner and yes, the holidays do bring in a lot of my annual sales. I start to see an uptick in my various online shops starting around October (to those of you who are the super prepared, I salute you – you’re awesome). While I’m not reliant on business income alone to run things AND pay my bills/living expenses (I have a full time job in addition to running Kimchi Kawaii), I do rely on the money to bring you more products and fund travel to anime cons that are the best opportunities for me to interact with people in person and promote my art. I know that there are some out there who DO rely on this time of year to just get by and holiday sales can make or break a business.

So honestly, I can’t sit here and say ‘don’t buy anything this year’, but instead urge you go consider supporting small businesses within your means. Here are are some reasons why (a lot of these reasons are from an artist perspective as that is what my business is based off of):

Small businesses often keep things local and will reinvest in their communities at a higher rate than a big box.

You can often find something totally unique that can stand out among the mass produced stuff. Do you really need to give another inflatable shark this year?

Some of us are artists creating our own works for sale which means you’re supporting our creativity and keeping us from a diet of ramen and water 🙂

Most of us still believe that Thanksgiving should be spent at home with friends and family and not behind a cash register.

Hey, you don’t need to drop the amount of a new Lexus to make us happy! Just the fact that you’re willing to make even a $5 purchase in our shops is flattering. You’re helping to support someone’s dream. Let’s face it, we don’t jump into small business to become millionaires. It can be a lot of work for little monetary return, but we do it because we want to. Our businesses are often a manifestation of a dream to provide that certain service, product or vision. Every little bit helps!

So in all the blaring ad campaigns out there, I hope you’ll also consider the little guy who may not have the money to compete with a big box, but can offer product with more meaning than you’ll find in any of the usual places.

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Merry Christmas

Just a really quick post to say Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy New Year. Hope the day is filled with fun times and family.

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Jingle Bell Rock

If you haven’t figured out by now, I love puns. I did this design for Christmas 2009. It’s a new take off the Christmas classic ‘Jingle Bell Rock’. Didn’t publish this last year, because I wasn’t as up on my blogging 🙂 I must admit to being very taken with the kawaii rock. It came out so cute. I think that this may be one of my favorite holiday designs so far.

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Pity the Poor Fruitcake

I never really liked fruitcake that much. Maybe I just fall pressure to society and how NO ONE in their right mind should like it. It’s the frequent butt of jokes, white elephant gifts and family lore when the same one is  passed through different branches of the family. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of those candied fruits. They were also the same reason I used to skip the spumoni ice cream at The Old Spaghetti Factory. It used to also have the candied fruit and I remember thinking, ‘this is like fruitcake in an ice-cream form, blech’. I guess others had that same feeling because I started noticing that the fruits were absent.

Anyway, despite my dislike of this holiday dessert, you still gotta feel a bit sorry for it. Everything is welcomed during the holidays. The Christmas tree gets prime real estate in your biggest window. New ornaments that are given are exclaimed over and added to the collection. Christmas cards from friends and family are eagerly opened and perused for news and updates. Then a fruitcake arrives and it’s a game of ‘who wants it?’. So I drew this design for Christmas 2009.

The funny thing about this piece is what happened when I put it up on my deviantART account recently. Suddenly, within a 12 hour period, my stats showed that it had become my most favorited (currently at 637), most commented (currently at 130) and most viewed (currently at a whopping 3,457!!) of all the designs in my gallery. I’ve had the account since August 2010 and there are some in there that only have one or two favorites and a handful of views. In the comments below the design there is a running debate between the ‘Fruitcake is Heavenly’ and ‘I Give Fruitcake to My Enemies’ sides. And then there are people who just feel sorry for it. It’s been so funny to follow! If you want to read the comments, some of which are pretty entertaining check out my deviantART page.

Someone did comment on how they are now forced to make their own each year because it’s getting harder to find in the stores. I wonder if I had homemade fruitcake if I would feel differently about this debatable dessert!

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One of  my memories of Christmas time growing up was making sugar cookies with the family. Mom would mix the dough, cut and bake it and then we kids would decorate them with colored icing and sprinkles. I made this design with that memory in mind. We had two shapes that we did – a Christmas tree and a star and we always iced them in either red or green. Of course, sometimes we got experimental and tried to make new colors by mixing the two together or trying to achieve a marbled affect. Once they were iced, we finished them off with sprinkles in either red or green. I remember the kitchen table covered with cookies in various stages of completion. I was the oldest of the kids so I was usually the last one still decorating when my brother and sis lost interest.

I still do a holiday baking each year. My friend and I get together and do a cookie marathon. In years past, I’ve stayed night at her place since she lived further away from me. This year, she’s the next city over. We were talking this weekend about what we wanted to make and if my family had any requests. We have our set favorites – cranberry orange swirls, eggnog cookies and of course sugar cookies. We also do peppermint bark, mexican wedding cakes, merrengues, and a snack mix with cheerios, m&m’s, peanuts and pretzels mixed with white chocolate. That thing is SO addictive. Last year we also threw in a cranberry nut bar and rice krispie treats. Usually, we bake for about 12 hours straight. I know, totally crazy! I think this year, we are planning a head a bit more and will make some of the dough ahead of time so that we can just pop stuff in the oven and not be stuck in the kitchen all day long.

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Keep it Simple

Christmas day is rapidly approaching and for some of us, it’s a bit too rapid. There’s so much to be done – presents to be bought, wrapped and shipped off to loved ones afar. Cookies to be made. Trees to be decorated. Plans to be made for gathering with friends and family. Cards to be written… The list goes on and on. Sometimes, I think we get so bogged down in all the stuff that we ‘have’ to do for the holiday season that it becomes something to endure, something to get through and then we loose focus of what the real reason is for Christmas.

I did this design for Christmas 2009 for Kimchi Kawaii. I wanted to make something that reminded people that Christmas is really about the birth of  Jesus Christ. He was born in a stable and put in a manger. You can’t get any more simple and less glamorous than that! I know the usual nativity scenes depict the shepherds, wise men and angels all bowing in adoration, but I wanted to just show a basic nativity scene, one that ‘keeps it simple’.

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