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Purrista Pawfee: Coffee Cat Kickstarter


Just a quick entry here to let you know that I’ve launched my next Kickstarter. This one is to fund the cats of Purrista Pawfee. The star of the show is Catpuccino – a kitty and coffee shaped plush. Once again, I’ve got stretch goals lined up that continue the theme. Danish Pawstry, Mewcaron, Biskitti and DeCat are all waiting in the wings.

I’m hoping to get these plush funded and delivered here in time for me to sell them at CatConLA – an amazing convention all about, you guessed it, cats. I had an awesome time last year and am already paid up for a spot again to sell in the artist’s village this year.

As I need to get the plush order in before Chinese New Year shuts down the factory for February, I’m only running this Kickstarter for 21 days total. Final day is Monday, January 25, 2016. As of writing this, I’m getting close to 50% funded for Catpuccino and it’s only day 2!

Even if you can’t pledge at this time, please help spread the word to any friends you have who love cute, cats, coffee or all three!

Thank you!


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Catpuccino Pre-order Event Extended

Ending Feb 6, 2015. Pre-order and save $5. All pre-orders will be entered into a random drawing to win an additional plush from the current stock, including Catpuccino.

I realize that ending a pre-order event at the end of the month is a bit rough, so I’ve extended the Catpuccino pre-order until February 6, 2015. Don’t miss out on your chance to save $5 and get the free Coffee Cats button set.

Also – everyone who orders before the cut off date will be put into a random drawing for an additional plush of their choice from my current stock! This includes Catpuccino! Yep, you could get a double shot, lol!

Head over to the Storenvy shop to place your order.

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Pre-Order: Catpuccino Plush!

Catpuccino Pre-orders Now Open!

This has been by far the busiest holiday season I’ve ever had. The Storenvy shop has been keeping me on the go since before Thanksgiving which has been awesome.

Anyway, just a short entry here to say that I’ve finally put the Catpuccino plush into pre-order status! This is a 12″ tall plush made of soft minky fabric. It’s the first in what I hope will be more plush from the Coffee Cats series.

Right now, I’m offering this at a special pre-order price of $30 (+ shipping) and a free Coffee Cats button set. Once required amount of pre-orders is made, I’ll be putting them into production.

As this is a pre-order event, please note that there will be a significant delay. Once the plush go into production, it will be about 2-3 months for manufacture and shipping.

Ordering is being done through my Storenvy shop ­čÖé

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Final Hours on the Kickstarter!

Hi everyone!

I’m coming up on less than 70 hours left in the Sweet Dreams Kickstarter and as of posting, I am 86% funded for the strawberry plushies. Just want to continue to express my gratitude to everyone who’s pledged and shared my project over social media. You guys are awesome!

Sweet Dreams Kickstarter is 86% funded as of posting!

Sweet Dreams Kickstarter is 86% funded as of posting!


Meanwhile, I also got in the photos of the Roary plush with the final embroidery. At this point, unless there is a miracle, Roary won’t be going to production at the close of this project. There is just too much money to raise for him and too little time. I do want to add him to my line up eventually. I’m aiming to set aside con profits over the 2015 con season and then have him for 2016.

Roary plush with final embroidery.

Roary plush with final embroidery.

If people want to see him BEFORE then, I’m going to need a ton of ┬ásocial media help and pledging. I’m going to continue marketing the Kickstarter actively to the very end, but as I’m a one person business with a full time job, there is only so much I can do. If you know anyone who’s been waiting til the last minute tell them it’s coming up pretty fast! Remember, these plush will ONLY go into production with full funding!

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Sweet Dreams Kickstarter Update – 13 days left!

Sweet Dreams Plushie Kickstarter


I’m in the middle of getting inventory ready for my artist alley table at Sacanime, but wanted to post a quick update here regarding the Sweet Dreams Kickstarter.

Shortly after Otakon, I got in updated photos from the manufacturer for both the Sweet Dreams Strawberry plush AND the stretch goal, Roary my tiger mascot. They are both getting their details embroidered now.

Sweet Dreams Plush Kickstarter strawberry prototype update.

Updated image of the Sweet Dreams Strawberry plushie. Chocolate has been rounded off on the bottom. Details are paper in this picture for placement reasons and will be embroidered in the finals.

Updated prototype of the Roary tiger plush stretch goal. Details are paper for placement, but will be embroidered in the final version.

Updated prototype of the Roary tiger plush stretch goal. Details are paper for placement, but will be embroidered in the final version.

Big thank you’s to all who have pledged already and/or shared my project!

Anyway, I’ve got just under two weeks left and stand at 40% funding at the time of writing this. Remember, these will NOT go into production unless full funding is reached by September 9, 2014. I hope you’ll check out my project and consider pledging. Pledges won’t be charged until after the 9th only if the project funds.

If you can’t pledge, but still want to help out – please share the information about this Kickstarter. I’m a one person small business so there is only so much reach I have on my own.

With everyone’s help, we can make this happen!

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Lucky Cat

Was going to do a post about college memories since this weekend was move-in day in my town, but today was a very long day and my brain is mush. I tried to write something, but nothing was working. So instead, this week’s entry will be some trivia about my lucky cat. Hopefully, I shall have regained some brain cells and will write the college entry a week late.

I wanted to do a lucky cat design for my shops. You may have seen ceramic versions of the lucky cat in various Asian stores and restaurants. It has Japanese origins where it is called a Maneki-neko. I draw Japanese inspired pop art. I love cats (even though my allergies don’t). So it was obvious that I had to draw one. I decided to make this one a siamese even though they are usually white or gold. I thought it would be fun to do something different.

The paw up symbolizes either customers or wealth depending on which paw is up and where you are when you

The three lucky cats I have so far in my collection – two from San Francisco and the back one from Japan.

ask. It varies from location to location. I was joking that I wanted both customers AND wealth in my business so maybe I should have drawn it with both paws up. However, that would look like a ‘hands up where I can see ’em’ which usually isn’t considered very lucky, lol! So I just have the one paw raised for customers.

Or maybe it’s wealth.

Hopefully, wealthy customers! Hey, a girl can dream right?


If you like my Lucky Cat design and want to bring it to your home it is for sale in the Zazzle shop.

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Santa Claws is Comin’ to Town

How many people can relate to the cat wrecking havoc on their Christmas trees and presents? I seem to be deathly allergic to cats so I sadly can’t own one. It’s tough for someone who really likes cats. Every time I go to a friend’s house who has a cat, it’s a total game of russian roulette. Will I survive this visit? Will this cat pass Holly’s allergy test? One of my friends’ has a hypoallergenic cat in the family. It’s a beautiful cat. If only I could afford one of those!

So for the time being, the only cats in my life are the ones I draw….

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