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Dancing the Night Away

DJ Roary in the house.

DJ Roary in the house.

I went out dancing with some friends recently and got inspired to draw my mascot Roary as a dj. I can see why people are attracted to them. If I had some random, totally illogical fantasy – it would be to be an EDM (electronic dance music) dj. We went to see Audien and I loved his stuff, but most of all, he just looked like he was having so much fun up there – doing what he loved and bringing a whole club full of people along for the ride.

Since I’m not musically inclined, drawing dj’s is about as close as I’ll come to the mixing booth, lol!

DJ  Roary is for sale in my Zazzle shop on shirts, mugs, bags, and much more.


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Farmers Market Impulse Buy

You’re probably reading the title and thinking ‘Impulse buy at a farmers market? What, did you come home with three heads of broccoli instead of two?’. Lol! I went to my city’s farmers market today to get produce for stir fry. It’s such a fun market and was actually rated one of the best in the nation a few years ago. What can I say? Our market is awesome. Anyway, I picked up my carrots, bok choy and broccoli and was checking out the rest of the market on my way out. There is one vendor who sells plants from their nursery and I always pause to see what they are selling. Well, today they had six plants up in the front that made me stop and then hand over my money. They were selling daphne odoras!

My new daphne odora shrub.

My new daphne odora shrub.

I was first introduced to this plant on my walking route that I take when I head to work. Every winter, I would hit this one area that just smelled amazing. If heaven has a smell, it smells like a daphne odora. I think it has the liveliness of citrus, the sweetness of a peach and the smoothness of vanilla all combined into one. I had no idea where the smell was coming from, but I loved it. I did some searching online (love you, Google) and somehow stumbled across this shrub. Through a few more passes on my route, a rather convoluted method of ‘what’s similar here?’ (there was another house further down that I would smell the scent) and checking with the photos I found online, I discovered that this one house I pass by has a large daphne in the front.

This shrub is winter blooming so during the winter months, I keep an eye on it, eager for when the blooms will open and release their scent. When I come to the area where they are open, I always slow down in my walk and just enjoy. It’s definitely a stop and smell the flowers plant. I would stand in front of the house to smell it, but I don’t want the owners to think I’m nuts or something :). So when I saw this same plant for sale today, I knew I had to buy it. Now I can have the intoxicating scent at my own place and can just sit and enjoy without worrying about people thinking I’m casing the house or running late for work.

I live in an apartment which means I don’t have any ground to plant things in or call my own. I am lucky enough to have a porch, but it gets the full brunt of California Central Valley summer heat which is brutal so all my plants huddle under the eaves near my door. Daphne are listed as full sun to part shade so I’m thinking mine will be happy by the door. Maybe I can get the smell to waft inside.

As you can see, the blooms aren’t open just yet so I will be waiting like a kid for Santa for my own little piece of heaven.

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Let’s Hear it for the Boys

Apparently, once a New Kids fan, always a New Kids fan. This morning when I logged in to Facebook, I had a few friends (children of the 80’s unite!) who had posted about the new NKOTB tour and album coming out. I must admit, I got really excited and spent some time geeking out with them. It’s kind of crazy how just one little entry in my newsfeed could take me back to my teenage years.

I drew this one some time in jr. high. I think it was around the Step by Step time.

I drew this one some time in jr. high. I think it was around the Step by Step time.

When I was growing up, I was a HUGE New Kids on the Block fan. Jordan Knight was my favorite. He’s still got it going on. I’ve always loved drawing so I borrowed the teeny bopper magazines from my friends and drew pictures of Jordan and plastered my walls with them. It’s actually how I learned human proportions and portrait drawing. I also learned how to shade facial features and make skin tones with colored pencil. Some of my friends from jr. high told me that they still have the pictures I drew of their favorite New Kids, which I think is pretty cool!

I had all the dolls. I made clothes for them. I even made a replica of their stage. I watched the NKOTB Saturday morning cartoon. I had all their albums on either cassette tape or CD (still do, actually). I watched their videos and specials on HBO and Disney. I got super annoyed when they cut away from their Super Bowl halftime show to cover Desert Storm – hey, I was a teenager, what I thought was worthy of coverage was a little different than what everyone else thought! I dreamed of going to their concerts. I even dressed as Jordan for Halloween one year (no one got it, obviously).

Then, I grew up and moved away to college. And found that one of my roommates had also been a huge New Kids fan. Cue the fangirling all over again. About that time, Jordan Knight came out with his first solo album and was doing a publicity tour. One of the stops was in the city closest to us. She got to go meet him. I was stuck working in the grocery store deli. She took a picture of him and gave it to me though 🙂 We pretty much fed off each other’s boyband obsession all through college. We both moved to Nsync when they came out in the late 90’s, but the New Kids were still always there. You never forget your first, lol!

I drew this one in college, probably when I should have been studying other things than Jordan :)

I drew this one in college, probably when I should have been studying other things than Jordan 🙂

And now, here I sit, years out of college feeling the excitement of a teenager all over again at the mention of NKOTB. Let me add to the nerd/geek factor here: I looked up their tour dates and alas, I won’t be able to go to their show once again as their CA dates correspond to when I will be attending Anime Expo and selling in the Artist Alley which is right next door to the Staples Center. The fangirl in me is already thinking how cool it is that I will be sitting there in the convention hall with Jordan practically right next door and fantasizing that they sneak into AX and stop at my table. Ok, need to return back to earth here.

Now excuse me, I need to go draw a picture of Jordan. You know, ’cause my non-anime face portrait drawing skills are getting rusty or something like that. 🙂

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Take Me Out to the Ballgame

What is it about a baseball game that just takes you back? This past weekend, my parents treated all the ‘kids’ to a day at the ballpark. We were all raised on the Oakland A’s (the Giants – boo, hiss, lol) and so caught one of the final games of the regular season. It turned out that we got a really exciting game with the A’s coming back in the bottom of the 9th on a three run homer to tie up the game and then win it in the 10th with another homer. Everyone was jumping around, cheering, high-fiving and hugging. And that was among complete strangers! It was such a fun day.

Anyway, despite the complaints that the Oakland Coliseum is an old relic and the A’s desperately need a new home, I have so many memories attending games at this park throughout my childhood and into my adult years. Every time I come to a game, it’s so easy to go back.

Crazy George – This guy would get up on the dugout and jump around with a tambourine and rouse the crowd between plays. I wonder what happened to that guy?

The Exposed Pipes in the Bathroom – Ok, so this is the part where you think I’m totally weird. When I was a kid, I had this fascination/terror of certain ceilings. I’m not kidding! I was super scared of ceilings that had the popcorn/asbestos covering over exposed masonry. I guess considering what they figured out about asbestos later, I had a right to be scared! Anyway, I don’t know why, but they scared me and I HATED going in buildings with ceilings like that (the local roller rink,  the Flower Building and the racetrack grandstand at our county fairgrounds are the three I remember). The other ceilings I hated were the ones with exposed pipes like they have at the Coliseum. I would go in to use the bathrooms and STARE at those pipes, daring them to show their true monster form and come get me, the poor little kid on the toilet. Mom thinks it goes back to an earthquake experience I had as a kid. When the water went through the pipes, they would wiggle and so she thinks I was thinking it was another earthquake.

The Wave – I loved it when this would get started in one section and then suddenly spread throughout the stadium. I would get all excited for when it would hit our section and it was time to rise in unison, hands up to the sky with a loud shout. Plus, it just looked so cool. No one does the Wave much any more. They actually tried to get it going at the game this past weekend, but it never got beyond the first section. C’mon guys, we can do better than that!

All the Crazy People in the Bleacher Seats – Beyond the outfield were the bleacher seats and they could always be counted on for a ton of noise through either horns, chanting or stomping on the ground. They always looked like they were having a great time.

The Oakland Hills – This was one memory that I really miss. Back in the day before they built that monstrosity for the Raiders (don’t even get me started), you could sit there in the main stadium and watch the game with a great backdrop of the Oakland Hills. They always had the bank planted with grass and flowers in A’s colors and flags flying with the years of championship wins. Now, we stare out at this ugly, cement wall filled with empty seats. If the Raiders leave, I say tear that thing down!

Dot Racing – When they did Dot Racing at this game, mom and I were commenting on how it’s kinda lost it’s appeal with the new, fancy, video game-esque layout. Original Dot Racing didn’t have this 3D track with sweeping air shots and fancy camera angles. Nope, it was just three dots – red, white and blue going around and around on a track shown from bird’s eye view. It was super kitschy, but I think it had appeal in it’s kitsch. People really got into it. Go Blue!

Celebrate by Kool and the Gang – This is one memory that is still going. The A’s game was pretty much the only place I would hear this song when I was growing up as I didn’t listen to the radio all that much. I thought it was actually written FOR the A’s as their theme song! I operated under this assumption for a very long time (until last year, just kidding). Even now, whenever I hear that song, I am immediately in the Oakland Coliseum on a summer day. Dad wishes they would get another song, lol! And yep, they played it on Saturday when they won.

So for me, going to an A’s game is not just a chance to watch the team I grew up with play ball, it’s quite a trip down memory lane. If I ever have kids, I intend to take them to the ballpark too. And I will make sure the Ceiling Pipe Monsters don’t get them and then we shall dance to ‘Celebrate’.



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Crazy Johnny Appleseed

Woken up this morning by some random person knocking on my door. Obviously didn’t open it, but kept an eye on things through the peep hole. He took my watering can, went to my hose and proceeded to water all my plants (which takes two trips). Moved a large pot to another area of my porch which I think I’ll leave in it’s new location. I ended up calling the police when he stuck around though and started looking at peoples’ cars in the lot. They came and talked to him and I heard something about a home where he stays so I think they took him back there. I thought he took my watering can, but found that near the apartment manager’s office where he left some other things that he had relocated from other apartments.

Best part of the whole bizarre thing? He kept mumbling about how I was growing some ‘big effing onions’ and now that’s all I think of when I look at them. LOL

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