Artist Alley Review: SacAnime Winter 2015

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I realize that I’m about a month late in my first review of 2015. Without further ado, here is a short synopsis of SacAnime Winter!

SacAnime continues to grow each year and I feel really lucky to have this con as a local one for me. Sales are usually really good and as I’m very close, I don’t have to get hotel or worry about expensive travel. The summer one brought in gross sales that were almost to Anime Expo level, and this is a con that has close to 50k less in attendance!

Hanging out with my Catpuccino plush

Hanging out with my Catpuccino plush

The Winter one is traditionally a smaller one, possibly cause people aren’t in con mode yet or possibly due to winter weather (though with the last few years of drought, it’s been really nice out). However, you also get the advantage of it being the first con of the year and right after Christmas. I know some attendees told me that they got SacAnime registration for their Christmas presents and I would bet that there were some shopping sprees fueled by Christmas cash as well.

This was my first time selling the plush at the winter show, so once again, it was all new territory for me, sales numbers wise. In 2014, I started focusing more on plush and phasing out some of the smaller items that weren’t selling as well (charms, earrings, etc.). The plush have really helped push my business up to the next level. I saw an incredible increase in sales for the 2014 year. It was kinda crazy! I intend to keep adding plush, both hand crafted and manufactured to the line up.

I’m starting to notice a trend with cons where Fridays are pretty slow, Saturdays pick up a bit more, but Sundays end really strong. People are doing more window shopping now and trying to be more strategic about spending their money. I first noticed this at 2014’s SacAnime Summer where I started out with pretty low sales and got scared. Most of my Friday sales come either from people who have been following me and want first dibs or people towards the end of the day who only buy a Friday pass.

Saturday was pretty steady all day long. Sunday sales remained the strongest of the three days.

SacAnime is becoming pretty popular and it’s getting harder to get an artist alley table there. Tables are first come first serve and registration goes up online about a week after the current con closes. For the winter one, they had a pretty extensive wait list from what I heard online (lots of chatter on FB about ‘If anyone has a table, I want one’). As this con does so well in sales for me with a pretty low overhead, I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss any of the shows. Tables are a glorious 8 ft and DEEP, but I’m also starting to outgrow the space. So I told myself that if I made the amount needed on Sunday alone, I would make the jump to a vendor’s booth.

Later in the afternoon, I was able to sign up for my vendor’s spot for SacAnime Summer 🙂 I’m really excited about the extra space!

I also had my Catpuccino plush up for pre-order. This is my second manufactured plush. I had the prototype there at the table which really helped draw attention to the event. I was able to collect 5 pre-orders there at con. I know that a lot of people have limited spending money and want to buy stuff with instant return so I was pretty happy to get 5 orders! (Btw, Catpuccinos will be ordered early February and are due to arrive late April/early May).

SacAnime Winter 2015 artist alley table.

SacAnime Winter 2015 artist alley table.

SacAnime Winter also saw my largest artist alley display to date. I went higher so I could have more room for prints. Interestingly, prints weren’t my big sellers. They continue to draw people in, but I think people are buying the plush and deco cases more. I have some ideas to display some of the plush with their corresponding print at my next con which will be Anime Boston. New art generation had slipped off to a low in 2014 as well due to the popularity of my plush keeping me at the sewing machine. I hope that having some more manufactured ones in the mix will help free up some design time!

So in summary, SacAnime Winter was another great show for me. I had a great time visiting some fellow artists who I follow. Sales continued to be strong and my totals came in pretty close to the summer show which is great for a smaller con. I’m looking forward to my move to the dealer’s area in the summer. Hope you’ll come see me there in September!


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