Trick or Treat!

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I was sitting at work a few weeks ago thinking I had all kinds of time on some projects that were due in November and then it hit me that November was 2 weeks away! ACK! Anyway, as always happens this time of year, I have Halloween on the mind. First of all – what am I gonna wear? Which is usually followed by – do I have the time/money/both to make a new costume? And that’s usually followed by – are you crazy??

I’ve been talking with some friends about Halloween memories and wanted to share them for kicks.

Who remembers when Halloween costumes came from the grocery store and comprised of a plastic smock and a plastic mask? I was always so excited to go pick mine out! I had Bozo the clown, a witch, Strawberry Shortcake and Holly Hobby as mine. I remember my sis had a kitty one and my brother had a pirate. And then my teachers would all say ‘Don’t wear the mask cause you’ll get hit by cars!’ and of course I would be thinking with kid logic ‘But I HAVE to wear the mask! It’s part of the costume!!!’ Considering I do cosplay now and try to make my stuff as authentic to the character as possible, maybe it wasn’t just kid logic. I suspect it was more like early manifestations of the artistic perfectionist, lol!

And those masks were so awful for breathing in. By the end of the night, it was all damp inside from my breath condensing through that little slit at the mouth. I think most of us looked more like slobbering werewolves than cute little Carebears.

One of my friends had a mom who could sew so she always got those really cool homemade costumes that I was so envious of. Turns out, she was envious of the plastic smocks that all the kids in school had. We’ve been friends for YEARS. I just found this out a few weeks ago.

All our teachers would also tell us to not eat any of the candy til it had been examined by our parents or better yet, x-rayed at the local hospital to verify there were no hidden razors! As my same friend with the cool home-made costumes said – what kind of criminal would take all the time and effort to carefully unwrap the candy, insert a razor and then carefully wrap it up again to look all innocent and untampered with?

I also remember some of my friends telling me that the Zodiac Killer was going around at Halloween and I could be next. I think the Zodiac Killer was like 10 years before my time and on the other end of the country, but as a kid, you believe EVERYTHING your friends tell you, even if you have more of a chance of getting hit by a car as warned by your teacher who you didn’t listen to.



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