DAiCon 2013 Review

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This past Saturday (5/4) I continued the theme of ‘Let’s Sell at My Old Schools’. I sold at UC Davis’ DAiCon which is in it’s second year. I went to UCD for my undergrad and never left town so it was a no brainer to sell at this con which is about as local as I can get. I missed selling the first year as I didn’t hear about it until it was too late and tables were sold out. I made sure to keep tabs on stuff this year through their Facebook page as I did not want to miss out.

Once again, I really didn’t know what to expect. I supposed I’ve gone about artist alley selling backwards. Usually, people start out at the tiny cons and then move up to the bigger ones like Anime Expo, Fanime or Otakon. My very first one was Fanime and then it was AX. It’s only been this year that I’ve started doing smaller ones in addition to the bigger ones. When I decide to do something, I canon ball straight to the deep end. Anyway, as I said earlier, this was their second year so I wasn’t expecting a HUGE rate of sales. I haven’t seen an attendance count, but their FB even page had about 200+ saying they were going. They were doing much more promo this year (saw a girl as the Transformer Bumblebee on the Quad during the week when the anime club was promoting).

They had vendors this year in addition to the artist alley. We were all housed in Freeborn Hall with vendors around the edges and the AA taking up half the space. The other half held chairs for the voice actor panels. I was tabling by myself so didn’t get to explore what was going on in the other building – the Memorial Union where they had the cosplay contest, some j-rock bands, maid cafe and gaming.

I really have nothing to compare it to as this was my first year going to this one. I did hear that this was the first time for vendors and putting the AA in Freeborn. I think it helped with the con feel a bit more. Last year, I think they were in the MU. I do wish that they hadn’t put up the pipe and drape between table rows. I’ve tabled in Freeborn for work stuff and it just seems more open when they don’t have 7 ft of black curtain up. I’m not sure why this was done, but it did make you feel a bit isolated. Part of the fun of AA’s are chatting with your fellow artists. Some of us were pushing the drape back to see what was going on behind us.

As far as sales went, I was pleasantly surprised. In the end, I ended up making WAY more than I thought I would. The other day it hit me that my total for DAiCon was close to what I’ve made on an opening day for some of the larger cons I do. So if this was a longer event, I would have come out pretty good. Not to say that I was disappointed by any means in my sales. Just saying that for a second year one day con to have sales on par with Day 1 of a much larger one is very promising to me. I had repeat customers which is always nice. My prints continued to be a big draw and I even sold one of my more expensive, newer items I’m carrying – purses.

So I really do think that Davis has something that can only grow bigger here. Will be definitely going back next year and probably wearing lolita cause Freeborn is an ICE BOX, lol!


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