ASAHiCon 2013 Review

April 14, 2013 at 7:32 pm 2 comments

This past weekend, I took the Kimchi Kawaii ‘show’ to my old high school, Antioch High. Mom had actually told me about their anime con a few years ago. This was their 5th year. It’s a little one day con put on by the anime club there. I went for pure nostalgia factor – to say that I sold at my old high school.

Dealer's room/artist alley at ASAHiCon.

Dealer’s room/artist alley at ASAHiCon.

The dealer’s room/artist alley was in the school cafeteria and had around 20-30 groups selling their wares. There were a few people with mass produced items, but mostly it was high school students taking art commissions or selling their hand created items. The con was only one day, from 10-5:30, but I still took the full amount of Kimchi stuff cause I’m Type A like that, lol! Sales were a bit slow, but that wasn’t surprising due to the size of this con. I mostly saw the same people all day long. I did make about $25 more than I expected so that’s good. They did a pretty good job of trying to include all the usual anime con events – panels, cosplay masquerade (we didn’t stay for that one as we had a bit of a drive to get home), game room and maid cafe. They also had various clubs from the school selling food in one of the courtyards. One of them were even making custom crepes which I thought was pretty impressive. I haven’t even been to many BIG cons that have crepes!

My friend came along to help me out so I got out a bit to look at my old high school. I took pictures of the old spot that my group of friends used to stake out in the courtyard for lunches. Ironically, this con was the most time I’ve spent in the cafeteria. Not once during my three years at AHS did I eat in there. I also took a picture of my class’s plaque. All down the main hall of the school, each class has a plaque with their year. I think there is a time capsule under each one too. Anyway, I won’t be uploading a photo of that one here cause people don’t need to know how old I am 🙂 Let’s just say it’s been a while since I’ve set foot on campus.

After the con wrapped up, my friend and I drove over to the elementary school where we met. We took a picture of the location where our 6th grade classroom used to be (it was a portable building) and tagged our teacher in it who we are both friends with on FB. We also spent a lot of time reminiscing about our days there in K – 6. Most of the school was closed off since it was a weekend so we couldn’t take pictures in the courtyard or see if the fun murals were still in existence. Had some fun goofing around in the park right next to the school where we both had more memories. As I was still in my cosplay from the con, I inadvertently entertained people at the park who were having picnics and stuff. They were staring at me like they had never seen a tall Asian girl in a bright striped dress and white wig with candies in her hair. They need to get out more, just kidding!

Continuing in the theme of ‘Small Cons at Places with Big Memories Attached’, I’m selling at DAIcon next. This one is in it’s second year and happening May 4th at my college alma mater, University of California, Davis. Will write up a review of that one too 🙂 And then after that, it’s one of my larger ones – Fanime!


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  • 1. minionme  |  June 12, 2014 at 8:34 pm

    Love your posts =)

    • 2. kimchikawaii  |  June 13, 2014 at 2:26 am

      Thank you! Getting ready for Anime Expo next so stay tuned for a new review 🙂


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