San Francisco Flower and Garden Show 2013 Summary: Part 2

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As promised here are the rest of my impressions from the SF Flower and Garden Show.

One of the things Anne and I like about this show is the fact that it’s PLANT centered. So many Home and Garden shows are more home, less garden. This show features elaborate display gardens put together or sponsored by companies that are involved in landscape design, decor or nurseries. I’m always impressed by the displays. You feel like someone sucked up someone’s yard and deposited it in the San Mateo Event Center. One company even had full grown trees in there! This year, there seemed to be less gardens for whatever reason. Maybe it was cause this was our second year and the newness had worn off? We got there early on Saturday and I was able to walk around and take photos that were relatively people free which was nice.

Amazing rotating globe covered entirely in succulents.

Amazing rotating globe covered entirely in succulents.

By far, the most impressive display was an enormous reproduction of the planet Earth covered completely in succulents put together by Succulent Gardens. This globe actually rotated. I follow them on Facebook and had been seeing progression pictures of it’s construction in my newsfeed, but it was amazing in person. I took many other pictures. You can find some of them on Anne of Green Gardens Facebook page.

Speaking of Succulent Gardens… They always have a large booth in the plant market and last year I spent WAY too much money there. Every time I went by their display, I would find something new and just have to have it. I think I took home around $40 of succulents in a cardboard tray. This year, both Anne and I resolved to be good little girls and keep the spending down. Their booth is in a prime location where all traffic has to pass either to get food or to use the bathroom. Every time I went out for a break, I would pass by and look at the plants that were all calling my name, but I held out. Then, on the last day, Anne went on a break and came back with this funny expression.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I gave in to succulent fever!” she said.

Succulent plants for sale.

The candy section, I mean plants for sale at Succulent Garden’s booth.

There was a $40 minimum if you needed to use a card instead of cash. Since we were hording our cash for food (none of the food booths took cards which was a bit annoying), it was use a card or nothing. She had picked out her half of the $40 and left them in a box there at the booth and told them that her friend would be by to pick out the remaining $20. Never one to leave a friend in the lurch, (hee hee), I hightailed it to the booth and wandered around like a kid in a candy store picking out my plants. I LOVE succulents. They all come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They are easy to care for. They propagate easily (most you can just snap off a piece, stick it in dirt and soon, you’ll have another plant growing). Most importantly, they are very tolerant – which is key in my tough love garden!

Ok, before this turns into an ode to succulents…

Anyway, we finished tabling and then suddenly, it was 6pm, Sunday night and Lynnette who runs the show was announcing that the 2013 show was closed. It was kind of a bittersweet moment. We were both pretty tired at this point, but in a way you don’t want it to end. I imagine it’s similar to how I feel at the end of an anime con. You’ve spent 3-5 days with a bunch of people who have similar interests as you and many of them you only see at these shows once a year. You form bonds of camaraderie and then suddenly, it’s time to pack up and leave and head back to reality. Anne and I joke that the garden show and anime cons are our respective motherships.

We packed up her car and then headed out to grab a quick dinner before I had to make my train in Hayward. Riding high on Garden Show vibes, we proceeded to plot an overhaul of her display for the 2014 show. I sketched ideas out on a napkin as we ate. All too soon, it was time to get on the train and head back home, my little succulents and cacti gently swaying to the trains motion as we headed back.

If you missed us this year, we’ll be back again next year (most likely in our same spot in the Fiesta Building). You should drop by!


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