San Francisco Flower and Garden Show Recap for 2013: Part 1

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Anne at her table at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show, 2013.

Anne at her table at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show, 2013.

This was the second year of tabling for my friend who runs the educational blog Anne of Green Gardens. I go and help her out as manning a table all by yourself for 5 days is tough! It’s always fun to attend and see my friend totally in her element. You can really tell that she’s loving every minute of it, especially when she gets to share her plant and insect knowledge. It was also fun seeing how many times, it was the children who would bring the parents over (sometimes reluctantly) and then the parents would learn something too and suddenly, they were totally interested. I keep learning things too – like how dragonflies as most of us think of them – the magical, glittery winged insects we associate with summer days – only live for 2-3 months in that form after spending 2-3 years as a water dwelling larvae.

We were in our same spot in the Fiesta Building with all the other educational booths and the plant market. Our neighbors were once again Foothill College. They always have such fun displays! This year,

they had a wall fountain made of recycled glass that depicted their logo. When you become a repeat person at events like this, it’s almost like a reunion of sorts. We chatted between visitors and made some connections.

Anne brought some of her miniature gardens which were a big draw. Mini gardens, or fairy gardens are really ‘in’ right now in the gardening world, partly from many people downsizing and having smaller yards or no yards at all (as in the case of apartment residents) and partly because they are just fun! Who can resist creating a little world in miniature and adding all kinds of fun things like little animals, ponds and figures like gnomes? She had one garden that was decorated with a resin filled koi pond, complete with little fish. There were some people who thought they were real and one person said ‘I think your fish are dead’ which brought on some lolz.

She also had one of her larger bug collection display boxes and some others in vials of alcohol. The bugs were a HUGE draw for the kids. Some came out of genuine interest. Others came from what I call the Car Crash Experience – it’s so disturbing you just have to look. Anne’s collection is pretty impressive. She’s been working on it for about 5-6 years. It also helps that she’s got all her friends trained to catch bugs for her. Now instead of thinking ‘How am I going to avoid/get rid of/escort/kill this bug in my place?’ I think, ‘Where’s my baggie? I need to freeze this one for Anne!!’. I once came home and saw a large katydid above my neighbor’s door and so rushed into my place, grabbed a ziplock baggie and a chair and proceeded to catch the bug and send her a pic with ‘WHAT IS THIS?’ in the subject line. It’s now educating people in her collection. 🙂

I donated button designs that we used as a promotional giveaway. They were done in my cutesy Kimchi Kawaii style and featured eggplant, strawberries, watermelons, baby bok choy and a fire breathing chili pepper. That last one was from a suggestion for one at the 2012 show. As the show went on, I started seeing people walking around with the buttons on. Some even came to the table and said ‘So this is where people are getting the buttons!’. Anne told me to put out my business cards and so hopefully, I’ll get some traffic that way to my little business venture.

Part of the booth from Foothill College showing their recycled glass water feature.

Part of the booth from Foothill College showing their recycled glass water feature.

I know I tend to make TL;DR type blog entries, so I’m going to attempt to rein in the wordy chaos here and split this into two parts. Tune in next time for my summary of the rest of the show where I will talk about the amazing display gardens and how succulents make me lose my self control!


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