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Am happy to announce that the journey to creating a new is now pretty much complete!

This was my original website. Very simple and one page.

This was my original website. Very simple and one page.

When I first started my little brand nearly five years ago, I just had the digital ‘kawaii’ (cute) art and related crafted items that I was putting my images on – mostly buttons, charms and earrings. Ah yes, things were much simpler then! My good friend Corrie put together a website for me. I have some basic HTML knowledge, but not enough to be very efficient with building a site from the ground up. I could probably muddle through, but it would require many, many, MANY hours of frustration and I would still come up with something that would only half work at best. I once hyperlinked the ENTIRE page when trying to update something. Work for 6 hours straight perfecting the shading on a character’s face or clothing? Sign me up! Work for 10 minutes on HTML code and try to figure out what ‘>’ or whatever is missing and screwing up the whole thing? Uh….NO!

Anyway, this was my first site. I must admit, it was pretty cool to know that I had this little URL that was all mine out there in the big internet world. I provided all the graphics and Corrie did all the nuts and bolts to make it look like a website. I had my links to my two shops at the time through Zazzle and Cafe Press and a button to take visitors to my Facebook page (which I’m still trying to grow, btw. If you want to keep super up to date, follow that page). That was it. I updated news below these three buttons and this all worked perfectly fine for me.

And then my business grew. And I don’t seem to like keeping things simple.

In 2011, I started doing various craft items beyond the charms, buttons and earrings that I was doing for Kimchi. I follow the Japanese lolita fashion and wanted to create items that would bring in the lolita market. I was finding it kind of hard to market everything under one brand. It was turning into a bit of an ‘all that and the kitchen sink’ type of thing. There is some crossover with my customers, but not too much. So, in 2012, I decided to break the craft stuff off into it’s own brand and started Frosted Fleur de Lis. This wasn’t represented anywhere on my page other than a link within the news section. I had also created a new banner and logo that I felt expressed the feeling of my brand. It was time to get a new site.

At this point, Corrie was busy with full time work so I started looking elsewhere. I met Adam through my  job and he does web design freelance on the side. I was really impressed with the stuff he had done with the work website where we both work full time so hired him on to overhaul my site. Once again, I provided all the graphics while he built all the coding. We pretty much just started over.

The new site is programed to display differently on various mobile devices.

The new site is programed to display differently on various mobile devices.

Features of the new site:

• Kimchi Kawaii is no longer just one page. News has been moved to it’s own page. Contact information also has it’s own spot.

• Fleur has it’s own page within the site. I now have a more direct URL that I put on business cards for Fleur. With in that page are links to my shop sections that carry Fleur items. There are also links to Spoonflower where I’m selling fabric prints under the Fleur name. I will be also adding a link to the Fleur Zazzle shop which I just set up the other night (it used to be just a section in the Kimchi shop).

• Page is built to be responsive and display differently on various mobile devices.

• Banner is updated with my jumping tiger logo and blue and green color scheme that I’ve been using for a while now. I also updated things to show my trademarked status (which was recently granted – another very exciting milestone for me).

I am very excited with this new site that shows just how much Kimchi Kawaii has grown in close to five years of business. In August, I’ll be hitting the five year mark and you can bet there will be some celebrating to do!


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