Farmers Market Impulse Buy

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You’re probably reading the title and thinking ‘Impulse buy at a farmers market? What, did you come home with three heads of broccoli instead of two?’. Lol! I went to my city’s farmers market today to get produce for stir fry. It’s such a fun market and was actually rated one of the best in the nation a few years ago. What can I say? Our market is awesome. Anyway, I picked up my carrots, bok choy and broccoli and was checking out the rest of the market on my way out. There is one vendor who sells plants from their nursery and I always pause to see what they are selling. Well, today they had six plants up in the front that made me stop and then hand over my money. They were selling daphne odoras!

My new daphne odora shrub.

My new daphne odora shrub.

I was first introduced to this plant on my walking route that I take when I head to work. Every winter, I would hit this one area that just smelled amazing. If heaven has a smell, it smells like a daphne odora. I think it has the liveliness of citrus, the sweetness of a peach and the smoothness of vanilla all combined into one. I had no idea where the smell was coming from, but I loved it. I did some searching online (love you, Google) and somehow stumbled across this shrub. Through a few more passes on my route, a rather convoluted method of ‘what’s similar here?’ (there was another house further down that I would smell the scent) and checking with the photos I found online, I discovered that this one house I pass by has a large daphne in the front.

This shrub is winter blooming so during the winter months, I keep an eye on it, eager for when the blooms will open and release their scent. When I come to the area where they are open, I always slow down in my walk and just enjoy. It’s definitely a stop and smell the flowers plant. I would stand in front of the house to smell it, but I don’t want the owners to think I’m nuts or something :). So when I saw this same plant for sale today, I knew I had to buy it. Now I can have the intoxicating scent at my own place and can just sit and enjoy without worrying about people thinking I’m casing the house or running late for work.

I live in an apartment which means I don’t have any ground to plant things in or call my own. I am lucky enough to have a porch, but it gets the full brunt of California Central Valley summer heat which is brutal so all my plants huddle under the eaves near my door. Daphne are listed as full sun to part shade so I’m thinking mine will be happy by the door. Maybe I can get the smell to waft inside.

As you can see, the blooms aren’t open just yet so I will be waiting like a kid for Santa for my own little piece of heaven.

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