Lucky Cat

September 26, 2012 at 4:49 am Leave a comment

Was going to do a post about college memories since this weekend was move-in day in my town, but today was a very long day and my brain is mush. I tried to write something, but nothing was working. So instead, this week’s entry will be some trivia about my lucky cat. Hopefully, I shall have regained some brain cells and will write the college entry a week late.

I wanted to do a lucky cat design for my shops. You may have seen ceramic versions of the lucky cat in various Asian stores and restaurants. It has Japanese origins where it is called a Maneki-neko. I draw Japanese inspired pop art. I love cats (even though my allergies don’t). So it was obvious that I had to draw one. I decided to make this one a siamese even though they are usually white or gold. I thought it would be fun to do something different.

The paw up symbolizes either customers or wealth depending on which paw is up and where you are when you

The three lucky cats I have so far in my collection – two from San Francisco and the back one from Japan.

ask. It varies from location to location. I was joking that I wanted both customers AND wealth in my business so maybe I should have drawn it with both paws up. However, that would look like a ‘hands up where I can see ’em’ which usually isn’t considered very lucky, lol! So I just have the one paw raised for customers.

Or maybe it’s wealth.

Hopefully, wealthy customers! Hey, a girl can dream right?


If you like my Lucky Cat design and want to bring it to your home it is for sale in the Zazzle shop.

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