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Things have been so busy lately as I focus on updating my shops that I haven’t had time to do new artwork. Adminy stuff – bleh. Anyway, all updating and no art makes me a dull girl. As I was sitting here Saturday with my butt going numb on the chair and my brain turning to mush, I decided that I was long overdue for a break and deserved an all art day.

Got up Sunday and did one design update cause old habits die hard. Then it was just art – ALL DAY. It was awesome. Felt like a mini vacation. I know to some people the thought of sitting in a hard chair staring at a computer for hours on end working on vectors sounds about as fun as a trip to the DMV. I really can do it all day. I actually skipped cooking food for my work week like I normally do cause I didn’t want to take time away from art!

I started off with something simple – a pancake design to get the skills warmed up. I was a bit rusty. Then I moved on to something more complex – the computer nerd piece that is pictured with this entry. I posted the before and after because I really like to look at the original sketch and see where it ended up. Sometimes, it can be really different or sometimes pretty true to the original.

Even though I’ve been working with Illustrator for years now, I still can’t seem to quite wrap my mind around vectors. Maybe it’s still too mathematical to me or something, even though I’m not figuring out the actual equation. I draw out all my designs old skool style – pen and paper. Paper? You mean people still use that stuff?? I just find that ideas flow so much easier for me when sketching. Pen and paper are old friends, we are quite comfortable with each other.

I then take a digital picture or scan it into my computer and save it in my sketches folder. Since I can’t do full art days all the time, but am always coming up with lots of ideas, I have quite a back stock. I actually lost the whole Sketches folder when my computer crashed so had to reload all artwork in there (see, doing stuff on paper DOES have its merits). When I’m ready to do a piece as a final, I will put it in its own layer and lock it with a transparency (makes it easier to see my vector work) and then just trace along with the pen tool. And then a few hours later, I have my finished design.

So that’s just a little summary into how I work on my Kimchi artwork. I really like seeing how artists create their stuff. Maybe there are people out there who also find it interesting. If you like the Computer Nerd design, it’s for sale in my Zazzle shop along with all the other Kimchi Kawaii designs that I talk about in this blog.


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