Fabric Designs – Ice Cream Dream

September 12, 2012 at 1:46 am 1 comment

It’s been quiet here in Kimchi Land as I continue the never ending shop update (sing it with me, ‘Neverrrrrrr endinnnnngggg shop UP-day-et, ahh, ahh, ah, ah, ah’), but over in Frosted Fleur de Lis on deviantART I did upload my two fabric designs that are now for sale in Spoonflower. Finding cute, lolita style border prints is nearly impossible in the States cause we don’t seem to like sweet or pastel (looking through the fabric store has been so uninspiring lately). I decided to start designing my own fabric patterns. As of yet, I can’t draft my own dress patterns to sew dresses and stuff, so it’s just fabric for sale. But I figure it leaves the style totally open to all DIY lolitas and people who just like cute fabric. You can make it your own!

Ice Cream Dream was my first design, but took the longest for me to find a design that I was happy with. The first version was kinda plain and I wasn’t too happy with it so it kind of sat on the back burner a bit. I went back and tweaked it last night and now really like it.

Frosted Fleur de Lis uses my logo for the lolita branch of things. I was originally going to do it lavender and pink, but then I randomly threw in the minty/blue and really liked it. I have too many pink dresses anyway, lol!

These are only the first in many design ideas I have. They take a bit longer than my Kimchi designs so they will be coming out slowly. I also have to proof them – order a swatch – before I can post them for sale, so that slows things down a bit too.

Sadly, the fabrics are a bit pricey for a full lolita dress for me right now. It’s printed on Kona cotton, so it’s not some cheapy fabric, but lolita dresses take up so much yardage. I hope people like the fabrics and I can get some sold so that I can use the credit towards a purchase of my own! I would like to buy some and make a dress for my birthday in November, but we’ll see. I need to also start restocking inventory for 2013 anime cons that I want to go to starting in February.

I was joking with a friend last night about the artist dilemma and how it’s sad that I can’t afford to purchase my own art on stuff and then I modified the Genie quote from Aladdin: ‘PHENOMENAL ARTISTIC TALENTS! Itty bitty living budget’.


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