iMad – There’s an ACK for That

September 9, 2012 at 6:15 pm Leave a comment

Well, that loud crashing noise you hear last week was my computer having a great fall. Sunday morning, it just decided it had done enough and the hard drive went to the Happy Computer Land in the Sky and took some of my photos and other files along for the ride. I was NOT a happy camper. At least I had enough paranoia to sign up for Dropbox a while ago and use that to back up my Kimchi Kawaii artwork. If I had lost that, I would not be typing this right now. I would still be sitting on the couch with a pile of kleenex and drowning my sorrows in Ben and Jerry.

I did all the steps through online support and called them and they told me I had already done everything so had to set up an appointment at the Genius Bar to have my computer looked at. I hauled my iMad to the nearest Apple store and felt like people were thinking, ‘Uh, there are these things called laptops if you want to do computer work outside of the house, much easier to carry, you know’. The Apple people hooked up some wires to it and ran some scans and sure enough, it was worst possible scenario – my hard drive was as dead.

They replaced the hard drive and I actually came out with more memory than I originally started with as I guess since my computer was so old, they don’t make hard drives that small any more. I got it back about a week later (they were done in two days, I couldn’t get a ride out there until 3 days after that). I am now in the process of putting things back together and reinstalling everything.

I know that iMacs have Time Machine, but I didn’t have an external HD to hook it up to and honestly, it really slipped my mind til this rude awakening. Am now also shopping around for a good, reliable HD for backup.

In other news, I’m working as fast as I can to get my shops updated. They got really behind when I was making inventory for Fanime and AX last spring. And let’s face it, shop updating is tedious. Zazzle and Cafe Press have both added lots of new items for the shopkeepers to put their designs on, things like playing cards, lunch totes, more cell phone cases, even cake toppers and wall decals. I’ve got about 170 designs at this point so it’s quite a project. I wish I could hire someone to help me out! Anyone willing to work for pizza or a Starbucks coffee? Lol!


*I know that the sketch is dated 2011. I had a similar problem about a year ago, but that I was able to fix on my own. Before people go off on a rant about Apple products, let me just say that I had two PC’s before this one and I had nothing but problems with them over about a 4-5 year time frame. I have had this computer for over 4 years now, put mileage on it that probably equals about twice that time and only had two problems with it – last year and this big one. So yes, I still stand by my Apple computer šŸ™‚



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