Google Image Search and Artists

August 30, 2012 at 5:39 am Leave a comment

My friend who runs a hort blog notified me that one of the gardening pages she follows on FB had used one of my images to celebrate the fact that they got 1,000+ likes. They apparently boosted the image from the Zazzle thumbnails. It still has the Zazzle watermark on there and my signature is still on there too (really, really tiny since it was a product sample). While they aren’t selling my image, it still makes me really upset that they just took it without asking. The least they could have done is say ‘Hey, we like this image, can we use the thumbnail on our page if we provide the link to your shop?’.

I guess the salt in the wounds is that they are using one of MY images to celebrate how their page has gotten all this exposure while my own page that promotes my art barely broke 500 and that was only because I ran a giveaway. I’m still sitting there at 555 and a majority of the people don’t even interact and I’m not even sure if most are even seeing my posts what with all the changes FB keeps making. Most of the time, it says that 20 people saw my post. That’s out of 555. That’s a pretty sucky percentage. In a way, I kind of want to go cry right now.

I work really hard at my brand. I know that I can’t market as much as I would like due to being stuck in an office most of the day, 5 days a week and so I’m really handicapped in visibility and it shows in my numbers. When people just come along and help themselves to my stuff without even the courtesy of asking, it really hurts.

My friend notified them that this was my art and put a link to my page on there. I won’t be posting their page because I don’t want a people to go over and attack them. I’m going to wait and see how they respond. If they get nasty, I’ll fight back.

Please, please, PLEASE remember and tell your friends that may not know that Google image Search or the fact that you can right click any image on the internet and save it to your desktop does NOT mean you have carte blanche to the image! Most likely, there is a hard working artist behind that image who may be struggling to make their dream come true and barely making that happen. If you know the artist, ASK. If they deny you use of the image, RESPECT their wishes. Most likely, they have a good reason for doing so. If you don’t know who it is, DON’T TAKE IT, plain and simple.
I know that it’s been a long while since I’ve posted here and then I break the silence with this rather downer post, sorry about that. I shall do an actual art/news update later when I’m not feeling so upset.


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