The Reluctant Cell Phone Girl

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Scene in a cell phone store when I went with my friend who wanted to upgrade:
Salesman: “You’re not due for an upgrade until July, but if you have a friend with an earlier upgrade time, you can use theirs.” (points to me, sitting bored in the corner) “What about her?”
My friend: “Oh, she doesn’t have a cell phone.”
Salesman: “Doesn’t have a cell phone????!?!?!?!”
I think he would have been less shocked if I took off all my clothes and spoke in Swahili.

Fast forward to some time later:

Me: “Hi, I need to switch my phone service as I’ve moved.”
Sales rep: “Ok, we can do that. Btw, would you like to bundle your services? You can get your cell phone bill on the same statement as your landline.”
Me: “I actually don’t have a cell phone.”
Dead silence on the other end. Crickets chirp. Tumble weed goes rolling by.*
Sales rep: “But what do you do when you are driving? They are good for safety if you have an emergency on the road.”
Me: “I don’t have a car either.”
More silence….
Skip to later part where they ask if I want to bundle my cable along with my land line and non-existant cell phone.
Me: “I don’t have cable.”
Even MORE silence.
Sales rep: “What do you do for fun????”

This was a conversation I had with the phone company about a year ago when I moved. Obviously, I don’t remember it verbatim (I can’t even remember to bring my office keys to work these days), but this is very close to the conversation we had. And they actually did ask what I do for fun when I said I don’t have cable, lol!

So anyway, I was determined to be the last cell phone virgin on the planet and was doing a pretty darn good job of it too until today. It drove my friends nuts cause they couldn’t text me or send me the latest pics of items when they were shopping and saw something that I might like (or wanted to verify that yes, this was the item I had asked them pick up for me). When we would go out in a group somewhere and would split off, we had to make sure I was with someone with a cell phone. One of them said ‘But the nice thing about a cell phone is you can be in touch all the time’! My reply was ‘I don’t want to be accessible all the time’! Ironically, she followed this up with, ‘Don’t call me til after 9 though cause that’s when I get free minutes’. Um, by 9pm most people are home and can then use their landlines.

Granted, there were times when it would have been very handy to have one – like the time my parents and I miscommunicated about my flight home and they were waiting in one terminal and I was in another. They were thinking I was lost somewhere between New Zealand and California. I was thinking they were in some car accident between home and the airport. Clearly, having a cell would have cut the stress by A LOT for both of us. Another time was when my train was late and my friend was waiting for me and I had no way to let her know where I was. But in general, if I had made a bar graph of ‘Reasons to Get a Cell Phone’ there would have been a sliver on ’cause I want one’ overshadowed by ’cause everyone else wants me to get one’. I actually had a boss say ‘But then I could get a hold of you easier!’ – no! No! NO!!!

Cue Fanime 2012. I was selling in the Artist Alley for my second year. I lost a few sales due to the fact that I didn’t have a way to take credit cards. I knew that this was probably going to happen with smart phones and the Square card reader being so easy to come by now. I had three people not buy from me because they didn’t have cash. And those were the ones who actually said something. It made me wonder how many would have bought something or bought more, but just didn’t say anything. When I would walk through the AA, I saw lots of those little Square signs with the Visa and Mastercard logos and knew that I would need to accept cards to stay competitive.

I know I could have applied for a credit card machine through some company and all, but honestly, I was getting tired of worrying about missing connections on public transit and either having friends worry or wait super long or me being worried that I was going to get stuck somewhere without a way to call for help or something. So I went to the store and bought a phone after doing a bunch of research and bugging everyone I knew with questions galore. I am now trying to figure out how to use it, text with my sausage fingers and add contacts so I don’t have to keep a phone book with me in addition to the phone. I’m sure I’ll start using apps and playing intellectual words like ‘cat’ on Words with Friends before too long. Also have some friends who think I’ll be great at Draw Something (They obviously don’t know about my 0-5 Pictionary record. I try to draw too detailed in the time limit). However, I am determined to not be one of those people who texts whole conversations while having an actual conversation with someone in the same room. I think that is the height of rudeness.

Funny story to close this out: I had the phone, it was on and activated. I had taken the bus and so needed to figure out when the next one was coming for me to get home. Instead of pulling out the smart phone, I whipped out my paper bus schedule and then checked the current time on my iPod. Obviously, have some things to get used to with this here new fangled technology thingy. 🙂


*Cell phone reference which applies to this post ends here, but the rest is pretty funny so I included it to give you guys lolz.


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