Consumerism at It’s Worst

May 15, 2012 at 6:03 am Leave a comment

We are such a throw away society.
My lithium battery finally died after 7 years in my old Canon camera (keeps the date and time synced). This was the one that originally came with it. Now, just to put it in perspective, my camera does NOT just come out for the occasional birthday party or random lol picture. I’ve used that thing so much that I actually lapped the counter and had it reset to 0! Anyway, for a while, I was just manually setting my date when I needed it, but I was getting kind of tired of having to do that every time I turned on the camera. And I was also pulling a time machine thing and taking pictures back in 2004 when I was too lazy to set it which really made for some fun times when I uploaded to my computer and tried to sort them.
So, I went to replace it today. I pulled out my well worn and obviously not modern camera to show him the battery I needed. I think in tech world, it would be like putting a cassette tape next to an iPod. The guy asked if I just didn’t want to upgrade to a new camera saying ‘You can get a cheap one for $99’. Yes, he did say ‘cheap’.
Which cued the instant thought in my head ‘…and this is what’s wrong with American society’. There are so many things wrong with this scenario…
  • A battery dying = just buy a whole new camera and chuck the old.
  • This driving need to upgrade to the latest and greatest even if you already have something that works fine (see picture in this post, I took that with my ‘outdated’ camera about a month ago)
  • $99 purchase vs. $7 replacement battery (and people wonder why there is rampant debt in this country) and
  • Why would I settle for an upgrade ‘cheapy’ camera? Just so I can say I’m not using a 7 year old camera??? No thanks.

I am planning on upgrading my camera to a Canon Rebel so I can further my photography skills. I’ve been taking photos of flowers and plants for a friend who runs a gardening blog at Anne of Green Gardens, and there are just some things that I would like to do that aren’t possible with my Powershot. However, I am going to be patient, save up my money the slow way and then purchase my dream camera in cold, hard cash. Take that credit card companies!

And I’m also going to keep my Powershot around too for more casual photos, like with friends or in situations where I don’t want to risk the nicer one. I’ll continue using it until it refuses to take pictures any more. It was actually my first ever real camera purchase and over the seven years, we’ve kind of grown attached 🙂


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