Time to Re-Focus

May 1, 2012 at 2:39 am Leave a comment

Been thinking about my business and where I want to go with it. I like crafting things, but it’s very time consuming which means I can’t do the digital stuff as much as I would like – designing and marketing it. As I can put one design on tons of products that way, I’m thinking that I should primarily focus my energy on the digital stuff. Not saying that I’m going to give up the crafted items, but it will be more of a side hobby I think vs. a full on business. The digital designs are more versatile too – once it’s done, I can scale them up or down for many more things – like the coin purses, bags, t-shirts and fabric. I’m just worried that I’m kinda turning into ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ if you know what I mean. My time is limited and I can either market a bunch of aspects thinly or focus more aggressively on one aspect to market. To be effective in marketing, you can’t really half a** it.

I’ve noticed that many online shop sites say that to be successful, you need to have a large variety/inventory. Since I started focusing on trying to build up the Art Fire shop, my digital art output and updating of new products in Zazzle and Cafe Press has dropped. By the time I get home from an average work day, I have about 4-5 hours (depending on how much sleep I want to get) to work on Kimchi Kawaii. I’ve also noticed that sales have dipped in both those shops and interaction on here has also declined. Both those shops are very good money makers for me and keep growing. I need to focus on increasing their sales. I’ve been trying to approach the Art Fire shop with the attitude of keeping it packed to the gills with EVERYTHING which means A LOT of crafting. At the same time, I’ve been trying to keep the CP and Zazzle shops equally packed. There are also so many other crafting brands out there that are much more established who have the time to keep up with it. With my schedule, that’s just not physically possible.

Don’t worry, I won’t be giving up my hand crafted stuff. I would still like to increase my con attendance too to get exposure for Kimchi Kawaii. I just won’t be worrying that I don’t have like 20 varieties of the fake cupcakes available with like 5 each. I’ll put stuff in there as I have time or what doesn’t sell at cons.

Speaking of cupcakes – I uploaded the new smaller ones with the new pastry tip to my Frosted Fleur de Lis deviantART account. I really like the small ones with the new tip. They look a lot more like real cupcakes. I’m thinking of either phasing the large, domed ones out or at least really cutting back on production. They are a multistep process to create. What do you guys think?

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