My Inner Child Does Sommersaults

April 22, 2012 at 6:11 am Leave a comment

The carnival is in town!

I live across from a deserted lot that most of the year, is a fenced-in, chain linked, weed infested, asphalt and cement waste. Nothing really special to look at. But nearly every year in spring, it becomes the place to go in my town. One of the local schools holds a carnival as a fundraiser and for four days, it almost becomes a magical place. Cars pour in. Families walk through the gates and lights, sounds and smells of the carnival fill the air. I can see the ferris wheel from my apartment and hear the generators at night.

I’ve ridden some of the rides before (there was one in particular which I will NEVER go on again after nearly losing my lunch!), but this year, due to a tight budget, I knew I was going to just be an observer. But that didn’t stop me from getting excited. First, they posted notices on our doors about the carnival coming as required by the noise ordinance. Then, the banner went up on the fence. And then the trucks started pulling in with the rides. Almost instantly, the rides are built. Wednesday morning, I went off to work and saw the rides all set up and ready for visitors and my inner child just got so happy and excited. How can you see the rainbow of colors day and night and not smile?

One of the reasons I like having it there is because this gives me a great opportunity to go over at dusk and take photos of the lights. I’m an amature photographer. My little camera is a point and shoot Canon – the first ever camera I bought. That doesn’t stop me from trying to take ‘artsy fartsy’ photos whenever I can. I love trying to capture the glow of the lights and the motion of the rides. I went over there tonight with a friend and just had fun taking pictures and soaking up the atmosphere. If you are interested in seeing the rest of the photos I took, visit my Flickr stream.

After Sunday, the carnival will close down and travel off down the road to their next destination. The gates will close and the area will once again return to an empty, weed filled lot. Until next year when the carnival returns with it’s magic.

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