San Francisco Flower and Garden Show Review

March 31, 2012 at 1:34 am 2 comments

Ok, so it’s about a week late, but I just took a week off to totally slack and try to recover. It’s a 5 day show! I was only there for 4 days, but I was already exhausted before hand. Anyway…

I actually had more fun than I anticipated. I knew I was going to have fun, but the main reason I was going was to help my friend out at her table. She was representing her gardening blog called ‘Anne of Green Gardens‘. I figured that there would be pretty detailed questions about plants and gardens that I would have no clue what to say. After all, I killed my aloe vera. Those are supposed to be pretty tough to kill! She had helped me out my first time selling at Fanime and she had said she felt like there was some invisible mark on her stating that she was an impostor or something – ‘DOESN’T KNOW NARUTO FROM INU YASHA! BEWARE!!’, lol! I was thinking that it was going to be the exact same thing for me at this garden show – ‘KILLS ALL HER PLANTS! PLANT MURDERER!!!!’ There were questions that I couldn’t answer when she was gone, but I told them to pick up her card and that she likes to answer questions (hope she doesn’t kill me for that one). After listening to her do her schpeel for a few times, I had it down and felt more confident when she was out roaming.

It was so cool to see her totally in her element. She made some great connections (this thing is HUGE – like 10,000 people attending) and when we got back from the second day of the show, she asked, “What was that you said about the first time you went to Fanime?”. “I found my mothership,” I said. “YES! That’s totally how I feel here!!” she replied.

One of the things that the show is known for are these garden displays that people put together. It’s seriously like some space ship ‘beamed’ up someone’s backyard and then deposited it in the building where the show is. It’s a large, warehouse like exhibit hall and so the garden designers had brought in full grown trees and had installed water falls and all kinds of stuff. I loved looking at them and taking pictures and dreaming what I would do in my own yard if I had a house and a ton of money. One of the gardens had this cool walk way that was made of up large flat stones that were supported over a pond with koi swimming below. I took so many pictures.

Of course, there were also plants for sale too. One business was there named Succulent Gardens (they are near Santa Cruz). It was like succulent heaven! Aside from the aloe vera death, succulents are the only thing I’ve grown with continued success. They come in so many varieties and sizes and the cool thing about them is that they don’t need much care and if you want to grow more, you can just snap off a piece, put it in dirt and it will root and start a whole new plant! Isn’t that cool?? My friends and I often swap succulent pieces among ourselves. This business had a large booth area and they were ALWAYS packed with people. Anne and I kept buying things from them. I came home with a half flat of various succulents. Granted, some were an early birthday present for a friend, but a lot were for my collection. I can’t wait to get them all potted up.

Since I knew that Anne was going to be the one doing most of the talking, I took my felt and sewing box with me. The first day, I worked on my plushies for nearly the whole time. In the end, I completed three donuts, a pancake, sunny side up egg, strawberry and eggplant. I also finished the ‘sprinkles’ on three more donuts and embroidered their mouths, but I had run out of time before the show so didn’t get a chance to cut the backs for them when I was still at home. All these will be on sale online through my Art Fire shop and at Fanime and Anime Expo. I put the eggplant plushie out on the table and people were commenting on it. I had also taken some of my own cards. I had done up some buttons for Anne with her blog name and website on them. The images were various Kimchi Kawaii style fruits and veggies and so when people commented on the buttons, we gave them one of my cards if they were interested in cute art. Some people gave me recommendations for more fruit and veggies and Anne and I were joking that we could go back next year with different designs and make it a ‘collect them all’ thing. We even had some people come looking for her table because they had seen other people wearing the buttons around the show!

We are definitely going back next year! I am thinking of actually selling some of my stuff there too. I have lots of ideas, but as for what they are, you’ll just have to wait, or visit me at the 2013 SF Garden Show!


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  • 1. Anne  |  March 31, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    Thanks for the shout out! Actually, the event was attended by 41, 965 people. Can you believe it?? They just got the numbers back. Can’t wait for our next show! Can I add this to my blog? I could put you down as a “guest blog.” I haven’t finished mine yet…sigh.

    • 2. hollyguenther  |  March 31, 2012 at 11:54 pm

      Dang! That’s a crazy high number… Yep, you can use this in your blog as I’m sure you’re too busy fending off sparrows in your garden to write, right? LOL!


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