Stop De-valuing Artists!

February 28, 2012 at 11:41 am Leave a comment

I was reading a fellow artist’s journal on deviantART and checking out the comments (I always check the comments so I don’t repeat something that’s already been said or ask a question that’s already been asked and sometimes you meet interesting people through the comments sections, so I’m not just some creepy stalker) and I found myself getting kinda annoyed. The journal was about commissions and had the prices and some people were commenting ‘So expensive!!!’ and complaining about the price. It kind of went hand in hand with a discussion that I was having with a friend about pricing some of my stuff. I was trying to figure out a price for some plushies that I’m making and I was thinking $10. When I told another friend, she nearly had a heart attack and said ‘That’s WAY too cheap! How many hours did you put into making that?’ But sadly, because of the Walmart mentality in today’s society, we have to price our stuff cheaper than it’s really worth considering time and materials in order to even compete. And even then, there are people who complain that things are STILL too expensive. That is totally one of my pet peeves in the art world!

PLEASE for the love of art, don’t say someone’s commissions are too expensive, unless they are being TOTALLY unreasonable (shakily drawn stick person for 10,000 points or $10 unreasonable)! Frankly, I think it’s rude and insulting to the artist. It says that their time and creativity doesn’t amount to much and all the person is considering is ‘OMG, I have to pay $20 for a digital image that’s 600px by 600px or a piece of paper??? What a rip off!’. Ok, so the artwork doesn’t take up a huge amount of physical space like say a car or something, but there is a lot of work that goes into that ‘little piece of pixel or paper’. Some works can take hours. I keep seeing artists on here who are doing points commissions or Paypal ones that seem really, really low. I don’t know how fast people work, but I suspect that many are working for less than minimum wage. And when I think how art is supposed to be an artist’s passion and we do our passion for less than a burger flipper at McDonald’s, well, that just really makes me mad.

Honestly, I’ve not posted personal commission prices on deviantART or opened up to them, because I don’t know that what I would have to price them at to make it worthwhile for me would be accepted.

If someone really wants something, they will find a way to obtain it – either by going without something else or patiently saving up for it. If they are grousing about commission prices that are already undercutting the artist, then they obviously don’t want it bad enough.


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