Big Girl in a Small World

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A few years ago, I discovered lolita fashion. Contrary to the Western notion of lolita being sexual and related to something akin to pedophilia, lolita fashion in Japan is more about being cute and doll like. Many of the clothes draw inspiration from Victorian and Rococo styles. Anyway…brief history lesson aside, I really like it which is pretty ironic considering how much of a tomboy I was when I was growing up. Instead of playing Barbies with my sis, I was often outside ‘sword fighting’ with sticks with my brother or engaging in fierce tether ball or german dodge ball tournies with the neighborhood kids. I did NOT want to wear dresses and pink was ‘ew’. Fast forward to about the mid-2000’s when I discovered the fashion.

Many lolitas like to wear brand name and coordinate EVERY aspect of their outfits. I’ve been doing it the hard way. I can’t afford (and don’t really want to) to pay for a $300+ dress and matching accessories for that one outfit. I like to make my own dresses and have a decent collection at this point. However, there are some things I can’t make – like purses and shoes. Shoes…those have been like searching for the fountain of youth.

See, I’m Asian, but I’m much taller than most Asians and I have big feet. Trying to find shoes for a fashion style that originated in Asia has been quite an adventure. It’s already hard enough finding cute shoes for normal wear in American sizes! (Dear shoe manufacturers, Just because I have size 10 feet does not mean that I only want to wear some overly orthopedic looking clod hopper things. Please make more cute shoes for larger sizes. Thank you and that is all). I know of a few sites that lolitas use and so checked them out. They usually list in Japanese sizes and so I had to figure out what I was there. Size 26?? As if I didn’t feel sasquatch enough! Granted, it’s in centimeters, but still…26 sounds so…large! Most of the sites I found either were totally sold out of anything above American size 8 or just didn’t make anything in my size to begin with. I searched American sites that made things that were similar in style, but apparently, we don’t like wearing pastel shoes. I did find cute styles that would work, but only in black. Finally, I went back to one of the Japanese sites again and found a pair that I liked and were in my size. I really don’t like ordering shoes online cause it’s so touch and go if they will fit or not. This site also doesn’t take returns. Since it’s so rare to find the color I want in a 26, I went ahead and ordered and am now just crossing my fingers that they work. I’ll post pictures when they come.


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