Art Thieves – BAH!

April 28, 2011 at 4:12 pm Leave a comment

Had to deal with yet another case of art theft the other day. It’s getting easier and easier. Being in deviantART and online in general is a bit of a double edged sword: I get exposure for my art that I wouldn’t normally get if I had to rely merely on word of mouth. I recently got a freelance job through someone seeing my art online. However, there are also the people who seem to think that anything found online is free – like Google is a free clipart buffet or something. Discovered one person who had three of my images on their site. One of them (the rainbow) still had my signature on it! Um….hello???? I reported them to the dA admin and have had my stuff removed from there. I know that some people say that I should be flattered that people think my art is cool enough to bother stealing, but I’m not really seeing it that way. I mean, I guess so, but when they are claiming it’s theirs, that they put all this work into it and getting attention for stuff I did (and sometimes even selling it and making money that I don’t see), that sentiment is kind of small potatoes.

I came up with this idea today and drew out a quick sketch at lunch which I then turned into this vector drawing. This is Roary, my normally happy tiger mascot. He doesn’t like art thieves either. RAWR!


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