Amazing Day

April 12, 2011 at 5:30 pm Leave a comment

I think that the only thing that could have made April 11th any better would have been if it was a Friday instead of a Monday. It will definitely be one of the best Mondays ever! I am an active member on this website called deviantART. It’s basically Facebook for artists. One of the things that they do on there is something called a ‘Daily Deviation’ or ‘DD’ as it’s most commonly referred to. The admins on the site pick 36 pieces each day to feature on the website out of the thousands that are there. It’s a huge deal to most of the artists on there and I would say that most of us dream of one constantly. I know I would look at the ones on the bottom of my page (where they show up when browsing) and think ‘I wonder if I will ever get one in there?’. This morning, when I checked my inbox, I saw that I had 200+ messages which never happens all at once. I sometimes don’t get to my inbox and things pile up, but I had just cleared it out this weekend. There was a little jump in my heart….

And then I found out that my Kumiho piece (the Korean fox spirit I wrote about a few entries ago) had received a DD. I was totally euphoric and that’s not exaggerating. If I had been at home, I probably would have jumped on the phone and called all my friends. I don’t know if a DD has the same meaning to people outside of dA, but all the same, I wanted to share it with someone. I also kind of got teary eyed seeing the little DD box there. I totally fit the old phrase ‘you are your worst critic’. I know it’s bad, but I see other peoples’ art and think that my stuff doesn’t quite measure up. In a way, it’s what keeps me working to improve and learn new things, but it’s also a bit bad for the self esteem! To have it selected from all the other pieces that are on the dA site by people I have never met in my life was just really cool. I can’t think of another word for it right now.

This was coming after a very good art weekend too. I got 2 Today’s Best Awards on Zazzle (Angel Food Cupcake and Mouse in the House). So all in all, I am feeling VERY happy right now with my art and have been floating on Cloud 9, no 10 all day long!


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