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I kept seeing the theme of kitsune, Japanese fox spirits showing up on deviantART. I decided to find out what they were. Break out the Wikipedia! Once I was there, I noticed some other terms. One was kumiho, the Korean equivalent. Well, that got my interest! The kumiho are also fox spirits, but more vicious than the kitsune. They often appear as a bride and will lure men to their deaths (one version said that the kumiho would then eat the male victim’s liver! Yikes). I then did a Google image search and did find some kumiho pieces, but something I noticed were a lot of kimonos. Um, Korea and Japan ARE different countries with unique clothing styles… I think maybe I saw one in a hanbok which was closer.

I decided I wanted to draw one in a traditional Korean wedding dress. One reason was because it would be more authentic that way and the other was because Korean wedding dresses are so colorful and I’m all for colorful. I finally finished my piece this past weekend and am very happy with the way it turned out. The flower motif in the circular border behind her is a common element seen painted on traditional Korean architecture. When I visited, I spent so much time with my camera angled up into the brightly painted rafters and overhangs of the palaces that we visited. So I wouldn’t go crazy, I redrew the flowers on Illustrator and then made multiple scaled copies of it, printed them out and then used them as a tracing template on the final piece. The stylized clouds around her are done in the colors found in some traditional Korean art. I use Prismacolor colored pencils. Original piece is 18×24″.


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Happy Kinda Sorta Birthday to Me Earth Day 2011

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