The Biggest Inventory You’ve Never Seen!

March 17, 2011 at 4:05 pm Leave a comment

Am busy updating my shops right now. I let the Cafe Press one lag a bit behind the Zazzle one and now I have 4 pages of designs to update with all the new products they have available. I’m about halfway down the first page and I’ve been doing this for a few hours (including lunch breaks at work) since Friday. And then I found out tonight that they’ve added yet MORE products. This is like painting the Golden Gate bridge. You finish and just go back to the other side cause it’s time to start all over again. I also still have updates to tackle in Zazzle too, just not as much.

Still waiting to hear what’s going on with the Fanime Artist Alley tables and things are looking pretty iffy right now which is a bit depressing. I don’t know what they are doing there, but they keep on saying that reg is coming up any day now and have been saying that for like a month. Now they are saying that they *may* give notification about 24 hours before it goes up. Trying to get answers has been a bit like pulling teeth and it kind of makes me a bit worried, like maybe they aren’t organized enough to even get one together.

Meanwhile, I keep stocking up inventory and HOPING I have a place to sell it this May. The charms take about a month to get in, so I kind of have to order them now even though I’m not sure if I’ll have a place at the con. Am thinking of doing a hamburger and fries design to sell as a set of earrings and charms. Trying to decide on the other two. Just sent about 25 of my fake cupcakes with my friend who has a car and will be helping me sell (she’ll meet me there while I’ll be taking the train down from my hometown). I have buttons that I’ve been making. I have a stack of stickers that I ordered and I have all the other charms from the previous two orders. If I can’t sell at Fanime, I will be super bummed out, but it will all just go up on Artfire and I’ll promote the heck out of it in the fall.


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