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March 16, 2011 at 3:07 pm 2 comments

Normally, I try to keep this blog pretty light hearted and non-soapboxy, but there has been something bothering me lately and I know that this will probably not be a popular blog entry. I also know that I will probably get some flaming and hate filled remarks, but I can’t be silent.

I am sure by now, everyone knows about the terrible tragedy in Japan. I remember seeing the video feeds coming in last Friday and it was hard to believe that this wasn’t some Hollywood disaster movie. In response to the earthquake and tsunami, people have been posting statuses, tweets, blogs and art in support of Japan. Often, they say ‘Pray for Japan’. This is where things get sticky.

I don’t know what has happened to peoples’ sense of respect and common sense, but I keep seeing comments and rants about how using the word ‘pray’ offends people and it’s totally worthless, and they should remove that word, etc. etc. It just angers me that there are some petty minded people out there who are taking this situation to push their agendas on everyone else and to argue something that is protected by the first amendment of the Constitution – that being freedom of speech. Person A has every right as an American to say or publish a picture that says they are praying for Japan as Person B has to not pray or to even argue the fact. It just seems in this vehemently anti-religious society that we live in that Person B has forgotten the fact that telling Person A to censor their beliefs is basically hypocrisy ie. ‘I am exercising my freedom of speech to tell you that you can’t exercise yours’.

I know that not everyone is a Christian or Muslim or Buddhist or any other religion that uses prayer to communicate with their chosen higher being. I know that some people don’t think that prayer amounts to a hill of beans. Some people are saying that prayer is useless at this point as what happened has already happened and it won’t bring people back to life or reverse the tsunami’s damage. Then they go on to berate the prayers to take some action and do something. We DO need to do something as humans all sharing this planet we call home. Pray if you feel led, but also put some action behind your words if you can. However, not everyone can fly to Japan to help in person or donate money and to those who are struggling to get by here, keeping Japan in their hearts, thoughts or prayers may be the only way. I can’t help but wonder – how many of these people who are mean spirited enough to bash others not sharing their beliefs are doing anything active themselves? I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a small percentage.

Everyone is entitled to their beliefs or even their belief that there is nothing to believe in. I am not trying to convert anyone. What I am trying to get across is that thousands of people lost their lives and thousands more were impacted greatly. Picking petty fights and pushing personal agendas isn’t helping the Japanese at all. If you truly believe that help needs to be sent in a tangible form be it money or time do so, but also realize that everyone copes with tragedy in different ways and they have every right to do so.

Have some respect, people and look at the bigger picture.


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  • 1. Michelle J  |  March 16, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    While I don’t choose to pray for those in Japan, I don’t have a problem with anyone who does. I don’t agree that we are living in a “vehemently anti-religious society” – I think we’re living in a pretty Christian society. But other than that, I don’t have an issue with your post. 🙂

  • 2. LizB  |  March 16, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    Well said. Thanks, Holly!


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