Where’s the Kawaii??

January 30, 2011 at 12:56 pm Leave a comment

As my last few posts on here and deviantART have been my traditional artwork, it kind of looks like I’m phasing out my kawaii stuff. Don’t worry, I’m not! I had been working on the shops pretty much nonstop from November through the holidays to get them ready for the Christmas shopping season and to do some updates that were much needed. As January was moving along, I was actually starting to feel like the shops were more of a something I ‘had’ to do rather than something I ‘wanted’ to do. Sensing an oncoming case of shop work burnout, I decided to take the last week of January off from all shop related stuff. No updating, no designing, just quick checks to make sure that there was nothing pressing in my email address that is linked to them and that was to be all. Well my break started off and lasted all of one day before I was logged in and fixing something. Realized when reading top searches on Zazzle that I had forgotten to put the word ‘cute’ in my search tags. Face palm moment! That’s like trying to sell a picture of a dog and putting in ‘canine’, ‘fido’ and ‘puppy’ but forgetting to put in ‘dog’. It really bothered me and so I went in Tuesday night and updated all my Zazzle tags and got through half of the Cafe Press ones. Then got back to ‘vacation’ mode again.

Mostly during my free time, I’ve been working on some of my traditional art with both Prismacolors and my Copic markers which has been reflected in my recent uploads. Even though I haven’t been actively working on the shops this past week, I was still sketching designs. Now have a bunch of them ready to be uploaded to my computer so I can vectorize them (I use my original sketches as templates in Illustrator). I’ve also been mulling over some new sections for the shops.

All in all, it’s been a good thing that I took this break instead of trying to continuously slog through. I’m feeling ready to get back to work on them and most importantly, looking forward to all the new stuff I want to put in place.


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Lenore Finished! Copic Mania!

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