Pho Real!

January 27, 2011 at 12:31 pm Leave a comment

I may be coming to the party a bit late, but I just found out that January is National Soup Month. I know that pho is not very American, but it’s my only soup design right now (ramen doesn’t count as it stands in it’s own little world).

I remember the first time I was introduced to pho. A bunch of my girlfriends were together and one of them suggested we try out pho. We headed to the local restaurant in town and were soon looking at the menu. The sizes listed on the top were ‘small’, ‘large’ and ‘extra large’. I was super hungry (when am I not?) and ordered the large. The rest of my friends did the same. I envisioned the small being the size of those little soup bowls they bring out at Chinese restaurants that hold like 2 wontons and some broth. Boy was I wrong. It wasn’t long before the waitress came out with a tray on which was balanced 4 HUGE bowls of soup! It was so good and I’ve since been back, but I sure learned my lesson that day and from then on have always made sure to order the small (which really isn’t all that tiny).

Pho is pronounced something like ‘fuh’ and of course, there are plenty of dirty minded designs out there in print on demand land. I wanted to do one that was a play off the sound, but child friendly so I came up with this little happy soup bowl.


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