Just Hit a Speed Bump….

January 14, 2011 at 6:08 pm Leave a comment

Have been working nonstop on Kimchi Kawaii pretty much since the holidays. First it was all the new designs I did that needed to be uploaded and priced in the shops and more recently, I’ve been updating all my deviantART stuff to have Kimchi Kawaii watermarks and prints available. There’s been a rash lately of art thieves on there and while I know that someone could Photoshop the mark off, I’m gonna make them work hard for what they try to steal, dangit! Still not done with that project, but getting there. In between all that, have been working on getting the Artfire shop set up. Never done something like that before and so it’s been A LOT of FAQ and forum reading and research. I thought things were moving along pretty well until I hit the sales tax snag. I live in CA and so we have sales tax. It looks like the rule is sale in state = charge tax, sale out of state = no tax. Anyway, that led to me finding out that to charge tax, I need to get some paperwork from the Board of Equalization and no one seems to have a straight answer to if small time sellers just qualify as hobbyists (thus don’t have to charge tax) or everyone has to worry about it. Sometimes I really hate all the bureaucracy  that seems to rear it’s head in everything. RAWR!

So now to find out where my nearest office is, their hours and hope it’s on the bus line as I don’t have a car and also hope it’s not only during weekday work hours when I’m stuck at my full time job.


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