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November 22, 2010 at 5:33 pm Leave a comment

This weekend I got to hang out with my friend Anne for a kind of birthday weekend (I turn old on Tuesday). She gave me some super cute ornaments for my Christmas tree and since I couldn’t wait to hang them up, I decided to start decorating. I know that Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet, but I am just in the mood to do so. Plus, it makes me clean the apartment. What’s the use of decorating everything really nice when you have dust on the shelves and a floor in desperate need of a vacuuming?

Decorating on Thanksgiving/right after is a bit of a tradition for me. I remember as a kid how we would eat our Thanksgiving meal in the early afternoon and then I would go up to my room and pull out my small box of decorations. It consisted of putting some construction paper decor that I had made on my door and some tinsel in the windowsill with some small Christmas items in little groupings at the ends and in the middle. Now that I have my own place, decorating is a considerably longer process.

I have a small apartment, but I also have this thing about not being taller than my Christmas tree. And since I am a pretty tall girl that means for a very tall tree! Having no way to haul home a real tree each year, I have a pre-lit fake one. When the time comes around, I drag out the box and move my main room furniture around to accommodate it. I’ve gotten pretty quick at putting it together and fluffing out the branches. I also put away nearly all my normal, year round decor and replace it with Christmas stuff. Usually while all this is going on, I have my Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack playing in the background.

Now you may think I’m totally crazy, but if you think about it this way – all the cleaning and moving of heavy objects and decorating really burns some calories. That means a bit less of a caloric impact at Thanksgiving dinner, right? 🙂


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