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I figured that with Thanksgiving right around the corner, now would be a good time to post an entry with my ‘thanksgiving’ list. 2010 has seen a lot of changes in the Kimchi Kawaii shops and some of it stemmed from something that at the time seemed really bad. You may remember a while back reading about how someone had taken my art and then how I went back and added my brand name to all my designs and did a massive shop update in about 4-5 weeks. At the time, it seemed like a total hassle and I was really annoyed with myself for not having thought of putting on the name sooner – like from the get go. Well, massive overhaul/uploading of designs caught the attention of the people at Zazzle and I received some Today’s Best Awards which meant free publicity for my art. Recently, I discovered that my shop was featured in the Proseller section on the Zazzle home page. From what I can gather, shops are given this status when they reach a certain number of sales in the shop’s life time. I never thought I would get to that level!

Cafe Press has been running a large ad campaign for their site in general and they have pictures of designs on various items for sale in their marketplace. I found this out when a friend on Facebook told me he had seen my designs in an ad. Of course, my immediate thought was ‘Is it legit?’. Upon verifying that yes, it was legit I was pretty excited. Shown in the ad are my ‘Make Ramen’ and ‘Confection Affection’ designs. I’ve been seeing the ad fairly frequently now which is still just as exciting to me as the first time. Tonight when I was doing research for another design, I saw the ad again, but this time with my Christmas cookies design and the Peace dove that is in my other art style! More free publicity!

The Facebook fan page has grown to 160 fans!

I’ve learned a ton about blogging. This is not to say that I am the guru. Am still figuring out things as I go along, but am especially thankful for the ‘schedule a post’ function on WordPress. No more super late work nights spent doing blog entries!

I am thankful for deviantART. It’s been a great place to find new people who are also artists. We bounce ideas off each other, comment on each other’s art and get advice on everything from anime cons to sites for products. It has also given me a great place for more Kimchi Kawaii promo.

Despite the bad economy, I am still making sales in the shops.

People like my art enough to buy it from a complete stranger.

All in all, it’s been a pretty good year full of blessings in the land of Kimchi Kawaii!


P.S. – I know it’s currently freezing outside for those of us in the United States, but I put the happy soft  serve on here ’cause that was one of the very first Kimchi Kawaii designs (back when it was Soy Happy) and I figured that would make it a good picture to put on an entry about the shops.


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