Quick and Dirty Update

November 19, 2010 at 5:55 pm Leave a comment

Sorry, no image. It’s getting late (why is it that creative inspiration always strikes when I should be in bed??) so I am going to keep this relatively short.

  • A few posts back you may remember that I talked about a goal of reaching 170 fans on the Facebook Fan page by the end of this year. Well, we are only 10 people away! Thank you to all who have joined and shown your support for my little dream. Let’s see if we can reach the goal.
  • I just found out that my shop was featured as a Proseller in Zazzle. And the ads are still running for Cafe Press with three of my items shown in various websites. All in all it’s some very exciting times for the shops. Free publicity! I feel like that line in Jim Carrey’s ‘The Mask’ where he’s pretending to be an Oscar winner – ‘They like me! They REALLY like me!’. 🙂
  • Art has slowed down quite a bit for the time being. The shops have been uploaded with designs done with care, in hopes that the shoppers soon will be there. I am having company over this weekend and next weekend is Thanksgiving, but believe me, I can’t be without art for very long. I’ll be back at it pretty soon, especially during Christmas break. Look for lots of hot chocolate consumption and a ton of new designs. I may horde them up to release slowly over the year when things are busy, but I’ll write about them or post them in deviantART.
  • I am making moves to finally open an Etsy shop so I can sell my fake cupcakes and some of my designs on buttons, magnets, cell phone charms and jewelry. Just placed an order for the charms. I can’t wait to see how they turn out. And am kinda scared as this is a new thing for me.

I think that’s all for now! Whew. It’s super late now and time to hit the sack.


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Fall! Thanksgiving

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