Hot Chocolate!

November 14, 2010 at 4:45 pm Leave a comment

I just found out that this design got a Today’s Best in the Zazzle shop! Yes, I still get really excited when I get one of these as it means that other people like my stuff as much as I like making it! Of course, even if no one liked my stuff, I would still make it because in the end, I love doing art and I can’t stop. But it doesn’t hurt when others like it too 🙂 Anyway, you can check out the link here.

Anyway, this design was a sketch that had been laying around since last year and I just hadn’t had the time to get to it then. You should see my sketches folder. If I was to stop drawing right now, I would still have enough design material to keep the shops going for at least a year if not more. Just finished up doing a huge design push to stock the shops with holiday and non-holiday stuff for the shopping season. It’s been rather chilly here so hot chocolate actually fueled a lot of my design hours. It had the double advantage of keeping me warm and the sugar kept me going on those long hours in front of the computer. I actually designed so long that I started experiencing image burn on the side of the screen – oops. I think that they are well stocked enough for now though to let them sail  along a bit on their own. I think I’m going to focus on some of my traditional art for a bit. It’s been a bit neglected lately.


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Holiday Designs Fall!

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